Send In Your Own Case

The Ultimate Choice!

We know that sometimes it doesn't matter how many cases we list, there is always the one case that you love and you just have to have!

At PCSpecialist you can select the "Send In Your Own Case" option and send us your case, and we'll manufacture your computer for you using this case.

  1. The case needs to be no larger than 600mm x 300mm x 630mm (H x W x D).
  2. The case needs to be no heavier than 24Kg, otherwise a delivery surcharge will be applied.
  3. You need to complete the form on ordering to inform us the make and model of case, so we know what to expect when it is delivered!
  4. You must send the case using your own insured courier. We cannot be responsible for any damage when the case is delivered to us.
  5. It is unlikely that we will re-use the case packaging - we will most likely ship out the computer in our own specially designed packaging, so you will not receive the original case packaging.
  6. You are responsible for making sure that the components you order will fit into the case you send to us. See the checklist below.

Upon placing an order with the "Send In Your Own Case" option - all you need to do now is send your case to: PC Specialist Ltd Unit 12 Jubilee Business Park, Jubilee Way, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4TD, United Kingdom

Case Checklist
  1. Motherboard size must fit into case - for example if you are sending us a micro-ATX case, you cannot order an ATX motherboard.
  2. If you're ordering a high end graphics card, check that the case is large enough to accept it.
  3. Check the case can accept the number of optical drives, 3.5" devices and hard drives you wish to order.
  4. If you are ordering a large CPU cooler, check that the case does not have a vent/fan preventing the installation of the cooler.
  5. The above list is not exhaustive and ultimately the responsibility lies with you to ensure the components you order will fit into the case. If we determine during manufacturing that some components will not fit we will contact you to discuss amending your order around the case you have chosen.
  6. Please ensure it is in a clean condition with all screws, brackets and other accessories provided to complete your build.