Core FrequencyFront Side BusCacheNumber of CoresNumber of ThreadsSocketVirtualization TechnologyIntegrated Graphics
OC Intel® Core™ i7-9800X3.80GHz OC @ max. 4.4GHzN/A16.5 MB L38162066N/A
OC Intel® Core™ i7-7740X4.30GHz OC @ max. 5.0GHzN/A8MB L3482066N/A
OC Intel® Core™ i7-7800X3.50GHz OC @ max. 4.6GHzN/A8.25MB L36122066N/A
OC Intel® Core™ i9-9820X3.3GHz OC @ max. 4.4GHzN/A16.5MB10202066N/A
OC Intel® Core™ i9-10900X3.7GHz OC @ max. 4.7GHzN/A19.25MB10202066N/A
OC Intel® Core™ i9-10920X3.5GHz OC @ max. 4.7GHzN/A19.25MB L312242066N/A
OC Intel® Core™ i9-10940X3.3GHz OC @ max. 4.6GHzN/A19.25MB14282066N/A
OC Intel® Core™ i9-10980XE3.0GHz OC @ max. 4.7GHzN/A24.75MB18362066N/A