CapacityRead SpeedWrite Speed
128GB INTEL® 760p M.2128GBUp to 1640MB/sUp to 650MB/s
256GB ADATA SX6000 Pro PCIe M.2 2280256GBUp to 2100MB/sUp to 1500MB/s
256GB INTEL® 760p M.2256GBUp to 3230MB/sUp to 1315MB/s
250GB WD Black™ M.2250GBUp to 3000MB/sRUp to 1600MB/sW
250GB SAMSUNG 970 EVO M.2250GBUp to 3400MB/sRUp to 1500MB/sW
512GB INTEL® 660p M.2512GBUp to 1500MB/sUp to 1000MB/s
512GB ADATA SX6000 Pro PCIe M.2 2280512GBUp to 2100MB/sUp to 1500MB/s
512GB INTEL® 760p M.2512GBUp to 3230MB/sUp to 1625MB/s
500GB WD Black™ M.2500GBUp to 3400MB/sRUp to 2500MB/sW
500GB SAMSUNG 970 EVO M.2500GBUp to 3400MB/sRUp to 2300MB/sW
1TB ADATA SX6000 Pro PCIe M.2 22801TBUp to 2100MB/sUp to 1500MB/s
1TB INTEL® 660p M.21TBUp to 1800MB/sUp to 1800MB/s
512GB SAMSUNG 970 PRO M.2512GBUp to 3500MB/sRUp to 2300MB/sW
1TB INTEL® 760p M.21TBUp to 3230MB/sUp to 1625MB/s
1TB WD Black™ M.21TBUp to 3400MB/sRUp to 2800MB/sW
1TB SAMSUNG 970 EVO M.21TBUp to 3400MB/sRUp to 2500MB/sW
2TB INTEL® 660p M.22TBUp to 1800MB/sUp to 1800MB/s
1TB SAMSUNG 970 PRO M.21TBUp to 3500MB/sRUp to 2700MB/sW
2TB INTEL® 760p M.22TBUp to 3230MB/sUp to 1625MB/s
2TB SAMSUNG 970 EVO M.22TBUp to 3500MB/sRUp to 2500MB/sW