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Memory Card Reader
A memory card reader is a device that allows you to connect flash memory and other such memory to a computer for fast access and modification. If you have a digital camera you may wish to purchase a memory card reader to transfer your photos quickly and without having to use a program to do so.

At present, our 52 in 1 memory card readers can read the following media types:
SlotMaximum CapacityMemory Types
MS Slot4GBMS, MS MagicGate, MS PRO, MS PRO(MG), Extreme MS PRO, Extreme III MS PRO, HS MS Pro, HS MS MG Pro, MS Duo, MS Duo(MG), MS PRO Duo, MS PRO DUO(MG), HS MS Pro Duo, HS MS MG Pro Duo, MS Select, MS Pro Ultra II, MS Pro Duo Ultra II, MS ROM, M2 (Micro MS)*
CF Slot64GBCF Type I, CF Type II, Hitachi Microdrive, IBM Microdrive, Magicstor, EXTREME CF, Extreme III CF, ULTRA CF, ULTRA II CF, ULTRA-X CF, HS-CF
SD Slot64GBSD, SD HC, Extreme SD, Extreme III SD, ULTRA SD, ULTRA II SD, ULTRA II SD plus, SD ELITE PRO, Mini-SD*, MMC, MMC Plus, MMC* mobile, RS MMC*, RSMMC* mobile, HS MMC, HS RS* MMC, DV-RS-MMC, T-Flash*, C-Flash*, MMC Micro*, Micro SD*
SM Slot4GBSMSMC, SSFDC, SM RAM, XD, M XD type, H XD type
USB Slot--USB 2.0 / 1.1 devices

* Need Adapter


  • Complies with 480Mbps Universal Serial Bus specification Ver. 2.0

  • Complies with USB Storage Class specification Ver.1.0(Bulk only protocol).

  • Support Plug & Play and Hot-Swap.

  • Support slot-to-slot read/write operation.

  • Support auto-detecting slot with card inserted.

  • High efficiency Card interface hardware engine for data transfer.

This specification is subject to change without notice.