Here are the latest comments made by some of our previous customers. These are genuine comments and we were given permission by the customer to put these comments on our website. If you choose to email one of our customers, please do so with due respect as we are very grateful for them offering their service as a reference for us.

No: 3365
Name: Robert Whyte
Email: [email protected]

Date: 09-11-2019

My first pc build experience glad I chose pc specialist. Communication was excellent the quality of work is a- class. Packaging was great everything was taped down that could move in transit. There was only one loose thumb screw. The aftercare support was great too giving specific I structions on setup. Massive thanks to pcspecialist for my amazing pc. Would definitely recommend all to use them!
No: 3364
Name: Dan
Email: [email protected]

Date: 08-11-2019

Very professional company to deal with. Order placement, company Invoicing and bank transfer payment all very straight forward. Also good communication about shortage of stock items for my orders.
No: 3363
Name: Jack Cooper
Email: [email protected]

Date: 07-11-2019

A friend recommended PCSpecialist to me when my second hand 12 year old tower was consigned to the happy hunting ground. Not being too computer literate and living in Spain I was a little concerned that any contact I had to have with the company could only be done by phone or email. I should not have worried. The service I received was first class from start to finish. As my order was being processed I was regularly informed of the situation on their website. The two phone calls I made to the company were handled with patience and put my mind at rest. I have no reservation in recommending them and I will certainly be using them again in future.
Jack Cooper
No: 3362
Name: Peter
Email: [email protected]

Date: 05-11-2019

Purchase a laptop in June 2014. Came with a weird keyboard issue and after trying to walk me through troubleshooting, we did an RMA and it came back quickly (assembly issues do happen, but the important thing is how quickly and efficiently the tech support was). Since, the laptop (OPTIMUS V 13.3", specs at the bottom) has been a real workhorse. it lasted me 5 and a half years of frequent travel, physical abuse and intense workloads until the PCiE controller fried this month.

I consider 5 and a half years a long life for a machine that had been used and abused beyond its limits so I will say PC Specialists put together a solid machine for me and I would only be happier if it lasted me another 6 months until my planned upgrade. This machine was used for 3d modelling and rendering, image manipulation and then some gaming on spare time. It often sat with CPU and GPU pegged at 100% usage and very high temps overnight rendering scenes. It is mighty surprising it didnt die a heat death a few years ago already.

The machine was still performing solidly and the 4 core/8 thread on it isnt horribly behind current CPUs so i could easily use it for longer if it lasted.

My bottom line is that PC specialist support was great, the machine performed superbly well for its unexpectedly long life and that I would purchase from them again if I had the chance but I live far away from the UK nowadays.

My only negative for the whole experience with PC specialists is that perhaps the laptop chassis chosen by them had a few weak points and materials and a really loud fan, else it was good.

CPU: i7 4810 MQ
RAM: 16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz (shame this was at the turn into DDR4)
GPU: Geforce GTX 860m
Storage: 240 GB m.2 SSD 750GB HDD
No: 3361
Name: Rodel Amancio
Email: [email protected]

Date: 04-11-2019

It's been 12 days since I received my gaming set, as far as I observed and checked on the performance, so far there is no issues at all. Works really well, the way they set up my gaming package, the set is so clean and tidy, no spaghetti wirings especially when the package arrived and wrapped up securely, I ordered R5 3600 RX 5700 XT package and the performance is excellent and can perform well at maximum settings, as expected, despite the loud noises of 5700 XT when you push it to its maximum settings. Everything is perfect for me about my order. Customer service is also really helpful and active which is really good especially when I have questions about my package and setup, they responded quickly. Thank you PC Specialist!!!
No: 3360
Name: Ashley Johnson
Email: [email protected]

Date: 04-11-2019

Fantastic help and support when trying to configure a PC system before ordering, emails answered very quickly with good advice.
I have had PC Specialist PCs and laptops before and I will keep on using them.
Thanks to all.
No: 3359
Name: Dave S
Email: [email protected]

Date: 03-11-2019

Purchased in late September 2019 I opted for a full desktop build based on the PCS6003B case, B450 Aurus Elite mobo and RX570 AMD Sapphire GPU.
I called before ordering as i had a number of questions to refine my requirements. Staff were very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable.
Process and build time was reasonable and just within the average they quoted.
While removing the transit packaging I had a good inspection of the internals. Very well built with excellent wiring routing etc.
I had an issue with the 5.25" DVD RW optical drive. After only a few uses it became very clicky and noisy. A rare and unusual fault with a new unit I believe. However a simple phone call to very helpful staff and a new unit was sent immediately. Fitted very easily and working perfectly.
Overall I am delighted with the service, build quality and customer services.
The PC is stunningly fast, super quiet and a pleasure to own.
Of Note, I am reasonably confident on whether I could build a PC myself. However, when I priced the parts etc and included the very reasonable warranty I would have saved very little. No brainer to get PC Specialist to do it !
I would buy again from PC Specialist without reservation.
No: 3358
Name: Phil
Email: [email protected]

Date: 02-11-2019

This new desktop was our third purchase from PC Specialist and again they haven't disappointed. Aftercare and support has always been great before and this time the team helpfully checked over my son's customised configuration to check it made sense before I ordered it. Construction was within expected timeframe and arrived the day after it was tested. Great service agian, thanks!
No: 3357
Name: Craig Robertson
Email: [email protected]

Date: 28-10-2019

Having had an older Nvidia 960m laptop that was beginning to severely struggle with all the modern games i decided to upgrade. My choice was the 15.6” Recoil 3 gaming laptop tripped out with the Nvidia RTX2060 and an intel i7 running 12Gb of RAM. Order and delivery was within 10 days and was pleased with the secure packaging and instructions that came with the laptop.

Performance is exemplary- I would expect this after upgrading to an RTX system and I’m blown away by the details and responsiveness of games that I used to play at 45-50fps on low now being at well over 90fps on ultra. However, when under sustained load the laptop fans are VERY loud (to be expected when running all this hardware but mitigated by me wearing a headset anyway) and temps sit around 80 degrees. Not had any complaints from the missus yet so not too bad if you're in another room.

The CPU was shipped with a factory undervolt of -0.100 (I assumed to keep cpu speed and therefore temps down. I personally used the same trick on my old laptop to stop thermal throttling) even with this though, the laptop now seems to power throttle as if its drawing too much power. This is not a problem as even when throttling like this there is only a tiny drop in fps performance when gaming.

The chassis itself is sleek dark metallic and cool to the touch but once the machine heats up while gaming the section under the screen can get very hot to touch - not enough to harm but it is noticeably “uncomfortable” (just don't touch it). The screen is crystal clear and at 15.6” 1440p is the perfect resolution for this size keeping it very portable.

There was NO bloatware on the machine (kudos guys @ PCSpecialist) apart from the rudimentary “Gaming Centre” program to control the fans speeds and RGB lighting on the keyboard which could have some more functionality (profile switching automatically depending on temps etc) when compared to other high volume component manufacturers.

All in all a very solid gaming laptop that now outperforms most of my friends couple year old desktops. The best part is that I can rub it in their faces by taking my whole gaming setup in a single laptop bag around to their houses to out FPS the desktops right in front of them!

Great work guys at PCSpecialist - highly recommended.
No: 3356
Name: James mcconkey
Email: [email protected]

Date: 28-10-2019

Great pc, built perfectly.. As needed

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