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No: 3247
Name: Colin Mussellwhite
Email: [email protected]

Date: 22-04-2019

I have had my new laptop delivered according to my specification and built extremely well. I would have no hesitation in recommending PC Specialist to my friends.
No: 3246
Name: Louis Jenkin
Email: [email protected]

Date: 19-04-2019

I frankly can't think of any reason to not buy your next laptop or PC through PC Specialist. Unless you plan on assembling your own PC from parts (which I would personally recommend) then the next best price to performance will be achieved through a company like PC Specialist.
The small additional cost of your build (compared to the cost of the parts alone) is more than made up for with the technical support, ease of repair, and machine warranty services that PC Specialist provide.
I bought a laptop from them 5 years ago now, and I have used it throughout secondary education, and almost all of sixth form (13 - 18). It has seen many bumps and knocks, the odd coffee spilt over the keyboard, and probably a total of almost 10,000 hours of use. I've certainly not been free of any issues, but due to the nature of custom built laptops, all hardware issues are incredibly easy to diagnose and then repair. I've played over 6000 intense hours of various games on this laptop, and it still has the power to run new, demanding games, at excellent speeds.
I've contacted technical support a few times in the past for issues I wasn't able to sort without help, and they have been efficient, helpful, and successful every time so far.
With the occasional cleaning of the internals to get rid of the dust buildup, this laptop is running smoothly and quickly after all these years. I've got friends who need to replace their far more expensive devices much more often, as they are expensive to repair, and the performance of the tech degrades far quicker. Lastly, the joy of having 0 bloatware preinstalled from standard computer manufacturer is invaluable.
I've written probably far too much here, but as a summary, here are the main reasons I would recommend PC Specialist.

Best price to performance outside of self-assembly.
Excellent After-Sales services, i.e. Tech Support, Warranties and Repair Services.
Ease of Self-Repair. These devices are far easier to disassemble than prebuilt products from manufacturers, so repair is quick and easy. You'll therefore save heaps in the long run by saving on expensive proprietary repair services.
Ease of future upgrades. In these 5 years, I've only changed from a HDD to an SSD, but as technology is improved and reduces in price, you can easily swap in compatible parts to breath new life into your machine.
Finally; and this is certainly true for me, you stand to learn an awful lot about the workings of computers. Being able to repair my own laptop with so few hurdles has allowed me to learn a great deal about the components that power my machine, and many techniques for diagnosing and undertaking simple repairs. They're certainly skills I'll be able to utilise again and again throughout my life.

I hope I haven't rambled too much, but I certainly hope my experience with this company can help to inform you during your next purchase.

If I could give any advice to someone looking to make a purchase, it would be to thoroughly research the components you think you'd like. I'll admit I did make one mistake when I ordered this laptop, which was choosing an i7 processor because I thought i7s were just always better than i5s. If I could change one thing, I would've chosen a similarly priced i5 processor, with a higher clock speed. That's only because I didn't understand how the different aspects of processors were more important with certain use-cases, but for what I use this laptop for; which is general multimedia and gaming, a quicker i5 would've served me better. Educate yourself on what you plan on using your machine for, and then pick components accordingly.
For anyone that would like to know, the specifications of my laptop from 2014 are as follows:

Cosmos II Chassis (Fairly certain this was discontinued a while ago),
15.6" Full HD Matte Display,
i7-4710MQ 2.50GHz & 6MB Cache (Should've picked something like an i5-4690K at 3.5GHz and 3.9GHz with turbo. Would've left some budget for a better GPU too)
16GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM (2 x 8GB Sticks)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M (Great GPU at the time, but with an i5 I could've chosen an 860 or even an 870 for the same price)
750GB Scorpio Black HDD, at 7200 rpm (As the only component I upgraded, I am now using a 500GB Samsung 850 EVO).
If you do buy a laptop or PC, regardless of where you buy from, an SSD is probably one of the most valuable things you can invest in. Especially now that the prices have gone down considerably from when I bought mine, they're a must-have.

Price in 2014: £826 inc. VAT, and Silver Warranty. Biggest purchase I have ever made, still to this day, but after working and saving for a few years I bought it. After 5 years, I'm proud to say that it is still considerably quicker than most of my friends new, top-of-the-line Macbooks and Premium Branded Ultrabooks. Sure, it's an inch-and-a-bit thick and it weighs almost as much as I did when I was born, but it's lasted admirably for this long, and I can foresee it lasting a good while longer.

Louis Jenkin.

No: 3245
Name: Cam Ward
Email: [email protected]

Date: 19-04-2019

Easy to use website, great product and fast delivery!!
No: 3244
Name: Dan
Email: [email protected]

Date: 05-04-2019

Great priced performance PCs. One issue I had was that the PSU selected apparently did not fit in the case. I'm surprised this check was not done on the build/config ordering screen as other checks are done there. Unfortunately I had to pay more to upgrade the case to one that the PSU could fit in.
Having said that the order process and communication from PCSpecialist was very good. Also this is the first time I've had this issue with an order and I've ordered a number of systems over the last year.
No: 3243
Name: Mark
Email: [email protected]

Date: 26-03-2019

Can I just say that this my second PC Specialist PC – both have been Laptops.

They have been virtually trouble free. However, for me the most impressive aspect is the amazing after sales technical support where required. My previous machine had to have a battery replacement after 4 years and I was impressed that it was a) still available, b) a reasonable price and c) delivered in a couple of days.

The audio driver issue Zachary has just helped me resolve represents for me absolutely exemplary customer service. With me being in Singapore and us having to schedule calls with an 8 hour time difference, you never gave up until the problem was resolved.

A big personal thank you to Zachary for his dedication and to the wider PC Specialist business for supporting customers in this way.

Truly excellent - many other companies would do well to take your lead.
No: 3242
Name: Kiran Randhawa
Email: [email protected]

Date: 08-03-2019

I've already left two separate testimonials for PC specialist in the past. Once when I bought my desktop, then again when I purchased my laptop. Now I'd like to give you positive feedback yet again after the support I recieved over the phone.

Mustafa was fantastic, despite his shift technically ending he stayed on the line to assist me whilst I was openning my laptop to inspect a faulty wifi card.

I was concerned that with my lack of experience I may not be able to put it back together again. Now that I've reassmebled it and performed cinebench and furmark tests I'm happy to report that Mustafa's advice was instrumental.

Mustafa is an asset to your business, not only for his in depth technical knowledge but his interpersonal skills too. I'm so thrilled about the continued level of service I've recieved from you that I feel passionate about PC Specialist and I don't even work for you!

Seldom have I recieved such a consistant high level of service from a single company. Not only is it appreciated but It's great to know that I can continue to buy from PC Specialist with confidence.

No: 3241
Name: M Woodcock
Email: N/A

Date: 07-03-2019

I am delighted to say that the process from start to finish was very comfortable and worthy of a 5 star comment. Your AIO machine is good looking and performs well and I am a satisfied customer!

No: 3240
Name: Morris
Email: [email protected]

Date: 06-03-2019

It did work with Linux...
The website was easy to use with plenty of choices on what to add to the PC, and just as importantly, what not to add. This was the reason I chose PCspecialist, particularly the ability to buy a PC with no operating system.
The company were very helpful, even contacting me worried that I wasn't wanting an OS, just in case I couldn't get the PC to work on GNU/Linux. However it was a simple configuration I was choosing, for home/office use and not gaming, with no need of fancy video cards, and I had no doubt it would support a GNU/Linux OS. Which it did, easily.
The company kept me well informed of the build progress and it was delivered in good time. (I used DPD pickup rather than home delivery, which is the way to go if you don't want to wait in on delivery day).
No: 3239
Name: Mark
Email: [email protected]

Date: 03-03-2019

Never bought a PC online before !!! but my son really wanted a decent PC, so after trawling through the net, I found these guys, so my son and I went through what spec he wanted, once it was delivered.... game on its perfect & have a very happy teenager, the after sale is great too, well done all.
No: 3238
Name: Kestutis
Email: [email protected]

Date: 03-03-2019

First time buyer from PC Specialist. What I can tell you that I’m glad I came across this site when I was searching the Internet. So if you’re looking for a new gaming laptop then look no further.
Five stars for customisation options and customer service. Hassle free. Highly recommended.

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