Here are the latest comments made by some of our previous customers. These are genuine comments and we were given permission by the customer to put these comments on our website. If you choose to email one of our customers, please do so with due respect as we are very grateful for them offering their service as a reference for us.

No: 3605
Name: Jamie Broadbent
Email: [email protected]

Date: 28-08-2020

I have dealt with PC Specialists on two separate occasions, both times they have constantly kept me updated on the progress of my order and offered any assistance where needed.

The level of aftercare from them is amazing, constantly in contact and always ready to help.

You couldn't ask for more from them if you tried
No: 3604
Name: Roy Tell
Email: [email protected]

Date: 27-08-2020

In reading what others have written, I could write my PC Specialist experience in two words: I agree.

But of course, I have to share - my kit is an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16 Core CPU built on an Asus Crosshair VIII Hero with 64GB Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO with a 16GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. Dual SSD drives run it, 1TB Samsung 970 EVO PLUS backed up by a 2TB Seagate Barracuda 120 2.5", displayed on a pair of gorgeous 34 inch Samsung monitors, and all wrapped up in a neat package inside the Corsair Obsidian 500D SE. Several other excellent components make this a beast of a machine destined to generate revenue by enabling me to work on a range of consulting, tech and media projects.

After careful research and due diligence, I selected PC Specialist as I was looking for something a bit beyond the norm, and as this is my fourth custom computer in 14 years (two desktops, one in the US, a Dell workstation, and the other a tweaked IBM based PC, and the third a tweaked Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop), this new one far exceeds the capacity and potential of the others. I know just enough about computers to cause trouble, so the guidance and advice that the PC Specialist team, Andrew, Rhys and Will, among others, and including the fantastic build team, helped make the experience educational and productive. Definitely look to buy again from them in about three years for the next one!

Many positives in the experience, one thing that was really interesting was how the design tool provides feedback on the build you are doing (if you are using it on your own as I did) and suggests other options. This is great, and perhaps some links to more information would be useful. The team then spent time working with me to better understand my particular usage and need, and they offered several expert suggestions, some that saved me money, which I was pleasantly surprised to hear! They invest a lot of time in understanding the situation and consulting on the best build for the project and budget.

When putting together a machine as complex as this one there will inevitably be hiccups along the way, and of course my luck this would happen to me. Whilst I was understandably initially confused and concerned, the PCS team sorted me out! They spent more time working to solve my issue and make things right than the probably earned on the build, and for that I am extremely grateful, because in the end I am getting a fantastic machine, outstanding customer service and support, and a greater understanding of the process and the actual potential of the machine – and they get a thankful and lifelong customer who is happy to sing their praises.

If you are thinking about a new computer, even if you haven’t thought about a custom computer, you will be amazed at what you can get, at much less than you think. From 400 to 4k, having a machine designed and built for you is an amazing experience along the lines of a finely tailored suit or a custom-built car. There is no comparable feeling in knowing that you designed (with help) how you want your computer to be, and I would highly suggest you considering looking into one and highly recommend PC Specialist, as they will help you get exactly what you need, at a very reasonable cost.

It’s been an incredible journey and now looking at what all can I accomplish with my unique, personalised and tailored machine - that makes it very special. So like I said at the beginning, I agree with all the other positive reviews. Thanks PC Specialist and team!
No: 3603
Name: Sarah Dodgson
Email: [email protected]

Date: 23-08-2020

I was recommended PC Specialist by a colleague of mine as my computer was old and very out of date and I wasn't disappointed.

The PC meets all my required specifications and is idea for my work. I now have the speed and memory to get on with my work and I'm saving time.

The customer relations was superb and they kept you up to date on the process and delivery times.
I would definitely recommend PC Specialist to anyone.
No: 3602
Name: Howard Bevket
Email: [email protected]

Date: 23-08-2020

Something went wrong with the sound on my PC today. I phoned PC Specialist who solved my problem.
Why am I so astounded by this?

During the course of solving my problem I saw the date when I bought my PC from them. IT WAS 2012.

Not once was I asked when did I buy the PC, all I was asked was my email address and my home address. Once they were satisfied I had purchased it from them they carried on assisting me.

This is customer service above and beyond ANY customer service from any company ever.

I cannot praise PC Specialist high enough they must score a genuine 10/10 for customer service.

I have bought my last 2 computers from PC Specialist, I will buy my next one from them and will encourage all my friends and relatives to do the same I will tell everybody about the absolutely fantastic customer services that this company should be so proud of
No: 3601
Name: Peter Begley
Email: [email protected]

Date: 22-08-2020

Had a PC from PCSpecialists in 2014, this time I needed a VR spec laptop. I had thought to get another MSI (I have a 2 year old one) but then I found PCS. The whole process was extremely smooth and efficient with plenty of good communication. They kept me informed every step of the way and the end product was an excellent fast laptop. Thank you PCS.
No: 3600
Name: Moe
Email: [email protected]

Date: 21-08-2020

I have purchased a laptop from PCSpecialist back in 2016 and the laptop has served me very well until recently due to broken screen, i knew i was allowed to send it in to get it fixed, but with the new generation CPU and GPU, i thought it was best to get a new laptop. And PCSpecialist was really the only contender as the service and pace of the building process ensured that i would be returning to PCspecialist
No: 3599
Email: [email protected]

Date: 19-08-2020

PCSPECIALIST delivered a really top quality laptop.

I went for a 10th Generation laptop. Though I had to wait for the processor due to Covid-19 it was worth the wait. The chassis has a really nice exterior. I love my keyboard which is easy to type on as well as seeing the amazing rainbow colours that come on when in use. It really is something special.

I feel like I'm working on steroids. The speed it is out of this world. I'm now able to view videos without the stop-start problems I had on my old laptop.

I'm still in awe of this laptop as I work away on my programs which don't crash or take forever to load.

I'm glad that I went for a newly built laptop. The price for its capabilities is fantastic. I couldn't find a brand comparable to what I received from PCSPECIALIST.

When I told the technical guy what I wanted they came up with a brilliant solution one I'm really happy with.

No: 3598
Name: Scott
Email: [email protected]

Date: 18-08-2020

I was hesitant to order from a PC building site, I have to admit. You see a lot of sites nowadays that charge a really hefty premium for their services, and I have no issue with that, if the company has a fantastic reputation, but most of them don't, PCSpecialist does.

PCSpecialist took me through the choosing parts process smooth as butter, individual pricing per item, and genuinely giving me so many great options. I'm a gamer, but due to COVID, I'm working from home, so I needed a new build.

I went through the process of choosing parts for several days, doing research on each individual piece, and still made mistakes. I completed my order, but PCSpecialist allowed me to edit my order and change the pieces all the way up to the date it was built, which I found fantastic.

From the point that I ordered my PC, it took around a month, which was a long time but due to the world being the way it is, you can understand, but PCSpecialist sent me constant updates for my order, giving me estimated dates for building, etc. keeping me in the loop every 5 days.

As soon as my PC went into building, it was built, tested, and ready for shipment within 24 hours. It was then sent out on the Friday, and with me on the Monday. Though that is a great testimonial for DPD, I'm overall ecstatic at how PCSpecialist dealt with my order, from start to finish.

The PC is a piece of art, and so is PCSpecialist, they are artists. I never write reviews or testimonials, but these guys deserve a word of praise, especially in these difficult times. Keep up the fantastic work, and although I have a new build, I cannot wait to return to you guys and buy another down the line. Thank you PCSpecialist.
No: 3597
Name: Roan
Email: [email protected]

Date: 17-08-2020

I'm writing today because I accidently ordered the wrong quote. I noticed this yesterday. I opened a live chat with Alice and 20mins later the problem is resolved. Can i just say that im amazed at the response time you have and how kind you all are. Im a very happy customer and im certain it wont be the last time you hear from me or my money ;)

Thanks alot
No: 3596
Name: Andrew Withers
Email: [email protected]

Date: 16-08-2020

First time using PC Specialist, the website is excellent and configuring my new pc was very straightforward.
Understandably I had to wait a bit longer because of covid19 and how busy you have been, but it was well worth it.

I am very pleased with my new pc, when I took off the side panel to remove packaging I was impressed with the quality of the components and build with neat and tidy wiring, it is also very quiet in operation and way faster than my old pc.

I could not find exactly what I wanted anywhere else so this was the ideal solution, would definitely recommend and use again in the future.

I was kept updated regularly throughout the process and it arrived well packaged.

Thank you very much to all at PC Specialist.

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