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  • Sorry, these are 1 way questions ;)

    Haha, im contemplating getting a different case in the summer when i get some better components :)

    Thankyou for your help so far :p I may pester you with more questions in due course ;)
    You're using the stock fans i take it?

    What GPU/CPU temps do you get? :p (sorry for all the questions)
    I remember those days.. Playing my PS1, disk stopped working, just blow on it, talk to it and it'd magically work again ;)
    Haha, tell me how that works for you, when you stick the hammer in there ;)! I changed the CPU cooler and reapplied thermal paste a few weeks ago, had to do it three times overall haha, most nerve-racking thing i've done inside a PC :p
    Ta for the rep :p those bloody black cables from the front panel do my head in! They just don't reach behind the mobo tray through the hole near the PSU :( Looks scruffy :( Changed the cable management more since that picture, but thankyou :p
    Can I ask you a question? My rep suddenly jumped from 13 to 20, is there anyway you can tell where you get your rep from? Or maybe it just updates every few days or something lol.
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