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    PCSPECIALIST Azure feedback

    Hi, I received my Azure system as per the review spec but with 2666 ram 2 weeks ago now. This is just some feedback and opinion The system is on all day and has been very well behaved, bit of whine from the gtx100i fans,not the pump but it is quieter than my last system. Just discovered that you...
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    LOL who is the logistics expert that works out these delivery routes for dpd drivers, their depot is 7 miles from my house, i see the driver in my village delivering, he then goes to next village,he is now in bloody Neath lol, i suppose he will come back to our village to deliver my package...
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    PCSPECIALIST Z170 Motherboards

    Hi, Any info would be appreciated. I ordered the Azure system with the Asus Z170A motherboard, now because of the issues with Asus i have changed the board to Gigabyte Z170xp, The thing is i dont particularly like this board but can live with it til it bugs me :). I now see these boards are...
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    PCSPECIALIST New bios settings

    Hi i Have not been into a bios for a few years now and notice that the new motherboards have a thing called uefi !, Could anyone tell me the F key inputs to enter at boot or is it done another way now