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    PCSPECIALIST A better answer than EV's

    Oh good, I haven't totally forgotten all that stuff they jammed into my skull way back in the day 😂 So essentially we'll all be driving nuclear powered cars and lorries. Hopefully with the reactor in a totally indestructable cell of its own. I'll never be driving one, I expect, but my daughter...
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    PCSPECIALIST A better answer than EV's

    As far as I'm aware, we get hydrogen (and oxygen) from water by electrolysis. And it takes 2 units of electrical power to get 1 unit of hydrogen power, roughly. This is from memory of basic O and A level physics, 40+ years ago, so have I just plain got that completely wrong? So, does this race...
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    PCSPECIALIST One-liners

    I live in the Golf area. I've been to The Far North and the Pirates, and everywhere in between 😊
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    I didn't get home till late yesterday, so only found the Steam sale just now. However, I spotted one game in particular which might be perfect for Accidental Denz 😇
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    PCSPECIALIST SSD not being recognised

    I think it's the 'how do I do that?', which the OP is after.
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    PCSPECIALIST One-liners

    😲 Phew! Aye, that would give anyone nightmares.
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    PCSPECIALIST Benchmark Results Leaderboard

    So now I've had some spare time, I thought I'd do a run of 3D Mark Benchmark tests. This is the updated Ulfheanor, with AMD R7 7700X and ASUS AMD RX 7900 RX. It's just as I'm using it now, nothing adjusted. Exactly as it has been being used to run games, the usual kind of programmes for a home...
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    PCSPECIALIST How do I update my profile signature?

    Ah, OK I'll try that. Ahaa! It worked 😊 It was the actual emoticon it didn't like. Just using the old keyboard smilie input put it back :LOL:
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    PCSPECIALIST How do I update my profile signature?

    As per the title. A few months ago, I updated my GPU to an ASUS AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT. As I have my computer spec' in my sig', I tried to update it to reflect the upgrade. I've tried several times since. Every time I try, on clicking 'save', I get this message > Oops! We ran into some problems...
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    PCSPECIALIST One-liners

    Same here :unsure: :LOL: In fact, I also still have the set of 3.5" floopy discs for MS DOS 6.1 and Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, and the MS manuals to go with them :oops:
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    PCSPECIALIST Help With Gaming pc Specs.

    Check out Gamers Nexus, Hardware Unboxed and the like on YouTube. They all do monitor reviews, produce 'Best Monitor for a price range' lists, comparisons of similar spec monitors, and some do HDR compatibility. Quite often, although the manufacturer claims it's, lets say HDR 400, it isn't...
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    PCSPECIALIST Can You Pet The Dog?

    There's a puppy in Days Gone. You have to rescue it and give it to your best mate. That's a game mission. You can't actually pet it, but you find dog toys throughout the game, which you give to the puppy :love:
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    PCSPECIALIST steam db stats

    34,544? 😲 I've got 31 :LOL: (including 3DMark and Wallpaper Engine)
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    PCSPECIALIST GPU upgrade question.

    It's up and running :LOL:
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    PCSPECIALIST GPU upgrade question.

    OOH! Thanks, I'll do that then. Check my PSU has an output port available, and if it does, get another cable. I'm glad you pointed that out, it hadn't crossed my mind. It does make sense though, you don't want a big heavy stiff cable if a lighter one is all that's required.