1440p monitor


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Hi there, I realise this may be a bit of no brainer but I'll be upgrading to a gtx 980 soon and I'm looking for advice on a 1440p monitor. No real budget and ideally around 27-28" size. Thanks :)
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I have a BenQ BL3200PT and for the price I love it. Very good colour accuracy out of the box once you change the preset, great contrast and black depth as monitors go and no backlight bleed or IPS glow due to it being a VA panel. Not the best panel for gaming due to the response time (around 25ms) but it's still perfectly fine to game on. Great quality stand as well, full height adjust, tilt and swivel into portrait. 32" though. It's something you get used to!

Depends on what you're looking for but it's great at what it does. As someone who needs accurate colour reproduction and watches a lot of TV and film on it, it's the best monitor I've ever owned.