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15.6" Defiance VII


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Does anyone know what chassis this laptop is? I just checked it out on the PCS website and for £1,106.00 inc. VAT it seems reallly cheap for a RTX2060 laptop and the battery capacity is really impressive. AM I missing something? Is it a Clevo or Tongfang?

My current Recoil IV is 20mm and I was wondering whether I should upgrade to 25mm, I am sure that extra space allows for an easier machine to maintain but this Defiance VII does look good.

Are there any reviews anywhere?


It's a Clevo...if you click proceed from the configurator and then click post to forum, this is what comes up:

Clevo PC50DD2 (6GB RTX-2060, i7-10875H, 144Hz N7, Blank KB)