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17.3" Recoil II new laptop review


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Powerful and light machine for a 17.3" laptop. Great value for money and can play games.

The likes:
- fast and great performance, with a 1060 graphic card smooth gaming, can pass 6000 points on PassMark depending on configuration
- the screen is great, narrow bezels
- it's nicely packed and looks more like a 15"
- quiet and keeps its cools on normal usage; during games you will hear the fans
- the touchpad feels really nice and very responsive
- it's not heavy and plenty connectors
- free games promotion (depends on the configuration)

Areas of improvement, personal dislikes or what to expect:
- camera is very low quality and not even close to HD
- drivers might cause issues, provided audio driver does not install and the sticker for SoundsBlaster 5 should not be there as I never got the software to work
- the software for keyboard and fan settings is basic (not like the features picture on the website)
- have a usb mouse around if you planning on installing Windows yourself because the touchpad is not detected (works fine after installing the drivers)

Overall I am happy with the product, hope it lasts for a long time.



Thanks for the review, and as above hopefully informative for people considering a purchase :)

The case does seem to be a bit of a banana magnet though

I would suggest contacting PCS about the software issues. And checking if there are any updates in the downloads section of your main PC Specialist account.


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Hi educhy, keyboard is good, individual keys can be set up with a specific colour and are fairly big for size.
Re "clicky" I don't mind, it is not as loud a normal pc heyboard but not as quiet as the rubber type keyboards on laptops. I like the sound.
Attached a recording View attachment keyboard noise 2.zip or here https://vocaroo.com/i/s1QVeKSyhxVV

SpyderTracker thank you for the suggestion. Yes, I checked and the same driver that gives me an error on installation is available only. I contacted PCS in regards to this issue, still to receive feedback.
The audio driver does not seem to be OEM signed and the sound blaster won't work. I don't mind that much, default Windows sound driver works fine.
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Hi there, thank you for the review and also for recording the keyboard sound. If I may ask, what battery life are you getting (both while gaming and while doing normal sutff)? Also, how are the temperatures?