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9th gen laptops are here...


9750h almost £200 more than a 8750h though? What the shizzle? And no new actual display option refresh for the laptops either yet, boo.


I could easily see that being down to Intel. Their sales are not very strong at the moment and falling, if the tech trades are anything to go by, so I can easily see them trying to compensate by upping the cost of their CPU's, sadly


Not at the moment, though it still comes in the better part of £100 less than an RTX 2060 + 8750H

I believe the motherboards reach PCS with the CPUs and GPUs already attached (unlike a desktop PC where they install the choice of GPU/CPU. So whether there will be 8750Hs and 1660 tis depends on Clevo, Tongfang, etc.

Hopefully the 9750H's price might come down in time...


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And now we only need 1440p 144hz panels. Few people on the forum gossiped back in january, that we'd have them in may. fingers crossed