A quick hello from an autistic PC fan, and a short poem.



My name is Saul.

I have posted on here once before to get some advice on a build, which I found very useful thank you. Went ahead with the recommendations, just a slight change to the case, (Fractal Define 7 Black) and upped the boot drive to 1TB as I use music software and want room for all the sounds. But I now have my PC and it’s grand.

I’m very happy with the case, it’s sturdy and has lots of USB ports.

Really, I just wanted to say Hi and also, I might caveat this with mentioning that I am autistic, I’m sure we all love our computers, but I really love my PC. In fact, I love my PC so much, I wrote a poem.


Here it is…..

Oh PC, my PC…

Thank you for enabling me, to just be me.

So faithful, and such utility.

So loyal, and yet so humble.

You are all I wanted you to be, designed with thought and love.

Oh PC.

We play together, and we think together, and we create together.


You are only a machine, but part of my very soul.

This is love.

You do as you are told, and you behave.

You are a truly distinct servant.

Honour be upon you.

Lovely machine.

Thank you for your service.

We are friends.​


Thank you for your kind response to my poem.....wanted to share my current desktop picture....

Screenshot 2023-06-22 091841.jpg