A very mediocre Killing Floor giveaway...


Here we go then, bought Killing Floor on Steam and have been adorned with two, yes two, free guest passes for the game.

The passes give you access to the full game for a limited time only. I have no idea if you'll get an hour, a day, a week, it doesn't say. Not mindblowing stuff I agree...speaking of which, I owe steaky and keynes a virtual hug for bringing Saints Row & RE5 into my life for free, now thats how you do a giveaway.

Anyway, who wants them? One per member, first come first served. PM me with your Steam id, bank details and address....

I was joking about the last two.
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I'd like to have killing floor :) It's so awesome game.I played it once,when I was at my friend birthday.There were like 4 or 5 people on the server,and map was at the forest.Wow,even l4d is no better than KF :O
The problem is I don't have a credit card :/