AM5 - Recommended Tweaks


Behold The Ford Mondeo
I had an annoying issue tonight with iRacing and it sent me down a rabbit hole. I thought I would share some tweaks that I've employed to get things running optimally. As always, your mileage may vary but if you're experiencing frame drops or little annoyances, this may just help.

Note that I think the main reason I was getting such a significant impact is because I am using VR. Even just dropping an unexpected frame here and there can be quite off putting to your experience so I guess I was more sensitive to it than panel users would be.

So....... the main symptoms you may experience that this could cure are USB dropouts, USB device gremlins and just general USB hassles. The issue that I faced was actually a massive frame drop for around 20-30 seconds before returning to normal. However, during certain corners I would get micro stutters without any GPU or CPU bottleneck on FPSVR. I tried every tweak I could think of but as soon as I employed these very small changes everything was cured for me. I didn't personally experience any USB issues, that I know of at least, but I'm confident that now I won't as well.

So, simple fix. Click start and type "Edit Power" then click on Edit Power Plan.
Click "Change advanced power settings"
On the window that pops up click USB settings then USB selective suspend setting
Click PCI Express then Link State Power Management
Turn off

That's it, that solved the problem I was facing and hopefully it can help with any gremlins you may be facing with AM5. I have no doubt this will get fixed with drivers or a BIOS update, but it's no skin off my nose to just have them disabled anyway. Saving power on the USB and PCIe on my system is like throwing a deckchair off the titanic :LOL:


Behold The Ford Mondeo
Today, just for funzies, I thought I would try Firestrike.

I've not even pushed anything anywhere near its limits and I've smashed my highest score. Literally the only thing I've done is disable this USB thing.

I'm not going to bother pushing any further as Firestrike is a bit lost on my rig, but it's good to know that it definitely has a positive impact on performance.