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Can't believe a thread hasn't been made for Android phones yet :p

Anyone else own an Android based handset? What do you think?

I have the HTC Desire, absolutely love it and very glad I waited a little to get it, was considering the Nexus One, but the Desire blows it out of the water. Currently waiting on the 2.2 Froyo software update to be launched on T Mobile, unlocked handsets have had it for a couple of weeks now, lucky sods :(

Discuss :)


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I have the HTC HD2, and im running the 2.2 desire version of Android, its nice :) - got to love XDA developers for rewriting the linux kernel to run on the HD2 :)


I had a sim free desire with 2.2 but decided to cross the waters to land of doom and gloom, now own an iPhone 4.

The desire was a great phone and had may great features, froyo made some great improvement to the system.

I'm always changing my phone though :)


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The impending arrival of 2.2 makes my head spin and my toes curl. I simply cannot wait. Seeing how you've owned both the Desire and iPhone 4, which do you prefer? (Not including 3rd party apps in your assessment) but simply as a piece of hardware.

See if this prompts a phone war.


Honestly, the desire was a great phone but on the hardware front I prefer the iPhone 4 regardless of the signal issue and apps installed.

I know I'll get stick for this but it is a great phone but so is the desire.


I have the Desire running on 2.2, gotta love sim free handsets - we get everything first :D


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Im Horribly Jealous of you chaps,

Been waiting almost a month for my Desire, curse you t-mobile! *shakes fist at sky* (alleged stock problems)

I've always liked the iphone and adore the look of the 4th gen, but miss the "fiddleability" that winmob phones gave me, so hopefully Androids a bit of a halfway house. At least Ive stuck with HTC.

Also, the contract and cost of the iphone4 are just prohibitive, for a pauper like me. In fact the desire was my birthday treat to myself.

Ive been lucky enough to have a fiddle with a mates desire, and I'm mightily impressed.

All I need is a fully working version of angband (and the bloody phone!) and I'll be one happy technobunny.




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I'm an Avid mobile phone freak, right now I have a Samsung Galaxy S, a Desire and a N900 and Iphone 3GS, have to say the Galaxy S is better than the iphone and faster!

they're roughly the same size anyway and ofcourse Android is the future:cool:

I'll be getting the Desire HD when it's out here, don't know when, been busy looking at PCs


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hello there,

Ive been using my desire for around a month now, and am very happy indeed.

My only beef, is the lack of decent/deep games (strategy/rpg) that one could get on winmob. Ipones et al also have this issue.

My girlfriend has a 3gs Iphone and in comparision, although the interface isn't as slick as apples device I'd rather have the desire.

Also, Iphones are so damn common now. Almost the equivalent of the "tramp stamp" in tattoos. So its nice to have something a litttle different.

Its performance is nice and snappy and as a phone is groovy.

Multimedia is good too, although you'll have to hunt down other movie player apps, rather than the native one to view most common formats.

Its not the most powerful android phone out there, but its one of the best looking. I'd heartily recommend it.

Im hoping android takes off, it could be a very interesting platform indeed.




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Also, Iphones are so damn common now. Almost the equivalent of the "tramp stamp" in tattoos. So its nice to have something a litttle different.

id have to agree with this, back when i first got my iphone it rare to see anyone else with one. now every second person has one.

i love my 3gs, but it's not as special as it once was.


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I had the G2 touch (hero) and loved it until it was software update time.
i now have a iphone 3gs and rate it much much higher that any android phone.
two of my kids have an x10 mini and the lg optimus and even they would trade in if daddy let them for an iphone.
I have the Galaxy S and I am more then happy with it. I have been using Froyo for a couple of day ( it's not thew leaked Samsung one but the Desires one) working as your would expect and with user agent changes I am able to watch direct from iplayer which is great (mPlayer quality is pants). I love the phone comparing it directly to an iphone4 side by the side they both have their pros and cons but I do prefer the Galaxy.

Someone mentioned lack of rpg games just load up an emulator. I'm currently playing the PSX running FF VIII and also the good ole snes emu running Illusion of time. If you run the GPU benchmark on the phone both gpubench and neoscore vs the Desire HD I was amazed the HD came in lower then then S I was expecting a bit more beef under the hood.


Nah the SGS has it hands down in terms of hardware, if theres one thing Samsung do well its hardware!
I'm waiting for the official Froyo to roll out just in case I mess up flashing it XD haha Coward I know. I've got it rooted and lagfixed though so more than happy with perfomance so far :)
And yes those complaing about lack of games clearly haven't looked into all options with the SGS. Load of any of the emulators available for PSX, Gameboy or SNES and you've got some fantastic games to keep you going for hours on end!


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I have the HTC Hero myself - love it but without installing a custom rom I'm stuck on 2.1 - so I can't wait to get a new phone when my contract runs out. I love Android so will definitely get another android based phone.
Still loving my my SGS. Like jailbraking an iphone any android must me rooted to open up its full potential. In regards to games I created a list a mile long on XDA site (if you don't know of XDA they you should sell your phone and buy a carrot). I am now just crossing fingers that SGS owners also get gingerbread. HTC confirmed the desire won't be getting it but a tweet from Samsung in in india did say we will. I presume this is because the google sold Nexus S phone is actually made by Samsung and the hardware is almost identical so it would be a quick job porting gingerbread (2.3).


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My phone runs android 2.1, it's a Samsung Galaxy Europa I5500, rooted. I see no reason to update OS as it does everything I want.
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