Anybody had a Fiesta ST?


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I bought a brand new Frozen White Fiesta ST3 at the back end of last year, and I love it. Incredibly fun to drive, and extremely quick. Didn't bother with Mountune, bit pointless unless you're into track days.

Looks like Ford are going to finally release the Fiesta RS within the next 18 months mind... possibly with AWD and 250bhp, and I'll be swapping my ST for it if it happens.

I bought an pre-registered Fiesta ST-2 in frozen white last year. Had it for a week before getting the MP215 upgrade and short shift kit from Mountune. It is incredibly fun to drive and insurance for me is £340 despite having 2 speeding convictions in the last 5 years (1 resulting in a 1 month ban, oops) and I wrote off my last motorcycle in a 40 mph accident just over a year ago (banger racing in the area had left oil all over the roads when they carted their scrap heaps back to whatever hole they live in). The white is hard to keep clean and the ride is very hard but I challenge anyone to find a car that is more fun for the money and as easy drive, cheap to run and as reliable as the fiesta ST!

It does look chavvy though. My mum opened the door, took one look at the red LEDs lighting the sills, said "Nope" and walked away when I showed it to her, haha!

The FW is alot easier to keep clean than panther black or any metalic colour. I swapped my PB Zetec S for the ST3 and I got a FW because the PB looked dusty literally a few hours after it was cleaned.
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