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Anyone watching WWDC tonight?


Anyone got some Apple equipment and going to be watching WWDC tonight?

Should be interesting. Lot of rumours and a few confirmations.

Starts at 6pm via the Apple website livestream:



Couple of standout moments:

Dark mode on IOS.... something I've been after for a long time, very excited by this!

ARKit advancements: anyone see the Minecraft Earth Demo? This is actually very impressive and obviously at point zero so it's only going to get better. Apple have been focussing a lot of efforts on AR and there are rumours they'll be releasing a headset soon suggesting that there's going to be quite a gigantic push to developers for 3rd party adoption. I'm very excited by this.... Also some very nice security improvements, anti tracking, automatic anonymous app sign up using "Apple single sign-on" which creates anonymous email addresses specific to that app that can't be traced back to you.

The new Mac Pro: Finally moved back to a modular unit. Very impressive bit of kit, BUT, I'm sorry, but they're prices are getting out of hand. The 8 core Xeon in the base unit is not a particularly good chip, I can't see anyone really opting for it when the base configuration costs 6k!!! It's also slow RAM at 3000MHz, why oh why did they stick with Intel for these! They're immediately going to be behind the times in connectivity and speeds across the board. I don't understand why they'd adopt a platform at the end of it's lifecycle rather than taking on a fresh and very important updated chipset. The graphics options start at a mediocre Radeon Pro 580X and go up into the stratosphere to rediculous capabilities. I think on that point they can quite comfortably claim the crown for performance..... BUT AT WHAT COST!!! They're very nice and I know the high end creators in the community will adopt them, price be damned, but it's getting ludicrous. We have to factor in that they've had their hand forced by the ever uber intelligent trump and his 25% tarrifs, and perhaps a lot of the increase is down to that.

The new 6k XDR screen: Again, impressive, 1000nits capability at all times bursting to 1600! That's crazy and again, not sure there's anyone else who can currently claim that. 6k is also nice. BUT 5 Grand??? They kept referencing a pro 4k HDR monitor that cost 40k or something, and yes there are a couple out there, but no one buys them!!! There are plenty of normal 4k HDR design monitors out there that are closer to 1-2k and will be just as good. BUT, the thing that really really got me and the entire audience sighed, was the stand for the monitor coming to 1k! I mean that's just daylight robbery for a normal stand. Yes, it's lovely and I'm sure it's designed very well, but you'd have to be an absolute moron to pay that much for that over a generic ISO stand or mount.

Swift UX (I think it was called) for developers: I think for me this was the standout developement of the show other than the Mac Pro. Serious improvements in App Creation process and coding the UX to the point where it automates a lot of things across dark mode and other cross platform norms. It's pretty impressive and I'm sure will lead to a bit of a Splurge of new content.

Voice Accesiblity: Integrated with Siri, this was pretty impressive in the demo

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