ASUS Haswell motherboards...first look...


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Aww man, looking at these mobos I shoulda waited! AC wifi... and they're beautiful!

Nah I love my rig though hah


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Nice one krupps! As ever I haven't got the foggiest what I am looking at, but that doesn't detract from the excitement one bit :D


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Looks like im going to be selling my desktop off and moving to haswell.

The WIFI stuff is a pure win i hope i can get these into a good lan case :).


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Just as I'm gearing up to buy a Z77 they release a Z87. Great.

I don't like micro-ATX boards either but that Gryphon looks like a fantastic board. A midget Sabertooth.


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What warnings mate? I've never seen a warning from any of my ASUS motherboards.

alsorts, i think somethings either faulty with the ASUS sortware that you have to use, to control fan speed. Or a hardware fault on the mobo itself.

- either cray low mobo temps such -50c or sometimes 105c.
- some other voltage ones, i dunno what they are to be honest.

A quick google shows that its a common thing with many asus boards. Strange though, because temps are never that low or high.


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My AI Suite has actually been pretty decent, although I have read some very flaky reviews of it. It does control my fans very well, I'll give it that.