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Generally speaking I'm pretty fluent in all things technical and It's not often I come across something that I can't fix... But since changing from o2 to Orange Home broadband (due to the discount you get for being a mobile customer) I've had nothing but problems in regards to reliability. The wireless signal always drops out (despite choosing a locally unused channel), the speed is absolutely atrocious (despite having a sync speed of 16317kbps down and 1324kbps up). Yet when I was with o2 I had absolutely no problems whatsoever. If anything it was a joy to have internet through them, constant speeds, wireless signal from the Thomson router was great and all in all it was one thing less that I had to worry about... So all I ask is if anyone has any thought's ideas as to what this problem could be (i've tried numerous dsl cables/ethernet/filters/ etc and I only have the mains socket no extensions). I shall post screens of router pages asap.

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Here's a Screen of Router Stats

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i had a similar problem with the Post Office broadband, been with them over 12 months without a hitch and then; very slow speeds for a week. connection indicated on the router was fine but any broadband speed test resulted in between 50-500 kb depending on time of day mostly (first thing, pre 8am it was often 2mb). numerous calls to the PO and several callouts of BT engineers and nothing, BT blamed the PO and the PO blamed BT. PO sent a new router and gave us discount. This went on for about a month and then suddenly everything was working again.

try the BT speed test : (i think if you log a fault with you ISP, both BT and your ISP can see these results)

be worth contacting Orange, keep a log of your speed tests and hopefully you'll get sorted.

not much help i know :¬(


be worth contacting Orange, keep a log of your speed tests and hopefully you'll get sorted.

not much help i know :¬(

I guess there's no option other than to contact Orange (good luck with that though!). I hope their tech help has improved since I dealt with them a few years ago. I wouldn't go back to Orange if it was free. My problem was frequent disconnections.

If their helpdesk is still a call centre in India, get ready to be told to connect your router directly to the main telephone line input (where it enters the house), regardless of how inconvenient it is. Mine was in the hall next to the front door and I was expected to connect the router there and the pc (was a laptop at the time luckily) must be connected by cable to the router. Not very convenient to have your pc sitting next to the front door!

I was then told to leave the computer on overnight, then for a day, then for several days. Received none of the promised call backs or updates and everytime I called them I had spend about 15 minutes going through the same 'scripted' conversation. I got to the point where I knew what the next question was.

Never got the problem resolved and had to switch providers (obtaining the dreaded MAC...but that's another story), after which my line was fine.

Sigh...nice to get that off my chest :)

Hope your experience is better than mine.


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yep, welcome to the boradband lottery :¬)

Anyone in a similar situation, struggling with speed could also try a BT iPlate - this does the same as disconnecting the bell wire -
Check though that you don't already have a new BT faceplate, which no longer use the bell wire anyway.

could be worse, you could be with TalkTalk, with their highest number of complaints (0.8) per 1000 users and the worst support award too. I only complain about them as we're with them for work.


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Did you recieve the DGN1000 router from Orange or did you have it beforehand? If you got it with Orange switch to your old O2 router and give that a try, personal experience on 3 separate DGN1000's has shown me that their wireless connectivity is a joke, ended up going abck to my trusty old Speedtouch 585.