Best free video editor?

Hi, i need to do some video editing and i was wandering what software people would recommend?
EDIT: I doesn't matter if its Linux or Windows, just that its free and recommend. Thanks
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Depends what you want it for.
Sony Vagas - In depth hard to learn
or something simple I use is Freemake video converter. I am using it to cut my WWE Wrestlemania videos, I can simply tell it where to cut from and to and it pulls the clip out and I re-save it. Thats all I need it for so handy for that.

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Not used Avidemux but have heard some good reports, also a few bad but is available via the Ubuntu Software Centre, so a quick free download to try.

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If you go via the link on the Ubuntu Software Centre it will go to an almost blank page with a few options at the top, the one link I tried was nothing but another, I think the second, worked. On the other hand, I will stop being lazy and post the link here:
Ok, so sony vegas isnt free :( and im not sure how to use handbarake i will now try Avidemux and Freemake
EDIT: have now tried Avidemux on windows and i cant figure out how to do anything!
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Handbrake isn't really a video editor. It's more for converting between various video types, compressing videos etc.


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How are you getting on with Microsoft Movie Maker? I'm just beginning to record videos and I need some editing software.
Well, its very easy to use (non of those flashy features you see in proper videos, who needs them anyway) you can split clips and add clips in the middle- and feature wise that's about it. But other than that, great especially given its free though probably not a long (my phone keeps auto not-correcting long to Lon and that's not even a word?) term high usage solution.

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Neither was I until I looked at that site this time, no sure if it is new or has always been part of it.
Well, the blender one is certainaly better than microsoft movie maker!! Though for some reason when playing the clip i'm trying to make it seems to run ok but then slow down and the fps thing in the corner ranges from abouit 25 (seemingly normal) to about 4 (which looks terible)which is quite strange, not only as it didnt on movie maker, but as the sound doesn't! Will this happen in the final product? Also any ideas how to solve this? I found an option in the user perferences that says "Sequencer/Clip Editor Memory Cache Limit: 1024" is this something to do with ram?
EDIT: It doesn't show on the final product, though saving it is a little fiddly, especially if you used soud with the video.
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