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Corfate's Spring Cleaning!


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Can you believe PC World try and charge £12 for a can of air? I still need to get round to grabbing some off amazon.

I've been trying to avoid opening my case as it won't be pretty. Doesn't feel like 6 months since I got my rig but if my rig attracts dust like the rest of my furniture does I'm in trouble! I think I have dust filters on the front and bottom but who knows what state they're in...

I got those 2 200ml cans for £4.85 off ebay, and they both still feel pretty full after cleaning the pc.. Smell quite nice too :p

Haha, i didn't think my room was that dusty till i started opening up electrical items and seeing them caked in dust, and the dust filters!


Not to hijack, but I bought 2 cans form ebay the same as yours (Based on picture) and cleaned my PC :)

Here is before and after pictures, not as thorough as yours but still cleaner!





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wow! that is alot of dust!

Just an fyi, if i were you i'd consider changing your liquid cooler. Those models have been known to bust and pretty much nuke ur system. And if you dont have any warranty with PCS left you may struggle to get replacements/repairs etc etc. Touch wood yours will be fine though.


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Don't say that my warranty ran out last month!
I never extended it again as I never had a issue yet :)

I've heard of far too many eco's bursting, so i pretty much warn everyone who still has one installed in their system.

You can pick up a very similar corsair h60I for about 50-60 quid nowdays. Or cheaper air coolers that are just as good.