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Alright, hello guys I let some days pass since i got my computer delivered last wednesday (24.07.2020) and i would like to put down some words.
Firstly forgive my writing skills, as english is not my native language and i do make a bit of errors 😳 -
I was sceptic about how the build is going to be executed - considering the amount of complaint threads I saw on the forum from people, apperantly as some of the Mods already pointed - the % of people that are happy with their purchase and have no issue whatsoever do not bother to post, and gladly already almost a week after i've got and worked,played and configured on my new computer i have zero issues and i absolutely love it! The knowledgable here helped me massively through the proccess of picking up my parts, and even argued with me when I was being stubborn about specifics and parts I knew little and definitely less about which i'd like to thank them for.
I'd like to thank @Nursemorph @Scott and @SpyderTracks for being so very helpful, you guys deserve all the praise people on here can give you! Thank you!
Took the side glass panel off so can avoid getting all of my room exposed(very messy atm of writing this 😳 ) and to better show how it looks like inside

Wanted to point that out because it was the thing i was most interested and concerned about when putting together that specific CPU cooler in the case:
The 275R Airflow is great. It comes with 3 stock fans so because i got the H115i Platinum which has 2x140mm RGB fans(+radiator) they moved the 2x120mm included fans from the front as x2 top extract fans: 8.jpg
and mounted the radiator and fans on the front: 5.jpg
CPU temps are stable and around 30-32 at idle and while gaming,rendering :D
GPU temps are 48c at idle and up to 75c at most while palying on ultra high settings and graphics at 1080p.
The X570 ASUS TUF Gaming motherboard has triple RGB configurable backplate too which is custumizable from the ASUS AURA app but not from the iCUE.
An update is not needed but i did update the BIOS of the X570 to the newest version.
I found the radiator fan,pump and RGB costumization on the iCUE app (for the H115i Platinum) to be quite confusing at first but once you play around with it it's easy to understand what it can and what it - well can't do. I haven't tried to make any changes to my stock fans from the BIOS, i believe they were running at balanced but im not quite sure, I would play around with that later and check.
The noise: I was a little concerned about the noisines of the case but set on quiet the CPU cooler makes 0 noise and is extremley quiet! iCUE also has a 0RPM mode where nothing works unless temp rises to a set degree.
Another thing i'd like to mention - i had purchased the Corsair Vengance DDR4 RAM sticks 2x8 - 16GB at 3600MHZ advertised - however i see that the speed advertised in the BIOS was 3900 :D It was set to 3600 by PCS though, so even after the clean instal, and update on the MOBO i left it at that. Nice suprise !

Even though the lead times for the order were quite long - and understandable - COVID19-20 I absolutely appreciate the amount of knowledge and content i have been exposed to in the forum ever since purchasing and directly @Scott @Nursemorph and @SpyderTracks for helping me out with my build once again - Thank you! You guys are the best! I definitely will be coming back to eye the forum and check on the new stuff on PCS!
And lastly one more pic of my temporary scuffed setup 🤣
I hope my review helped someone! If you're reading this and wondering whether you should pull the trigger absolutely go for it!



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Great review, thanks for taking the time to write. Makes me all the more excited for when I receive mine. I would also second your thanks to the guys who spend countless hours helping us all out with our decisions. TOP LADS (y)