Could my battery be crashing my pc and causing to fail start?


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I have had problems since I bought my laptop. It fails to start when on battery, but when running on normal power and removing the power cord, the laptop works fine so to me that says the battery is fine.

Every morning after turning the computer off the night before, the computer fails to start, either I press the power button, the screen stays off, then the computer beeps 48 times (if I remember), I turn it off holding the power button then restart it and it works fine. If the screen comes on it boots up but it usually fails on the windows boot animation, or just before the login screen (black screen with mouse cursor showing) or and usually on the login screen.

I have just used the laptop for under two days with the battery removed and everything has been fine so I put the battery back in and within an hour the computer crashed when it went to sleep, it didn't wake up and the keyboard didn't work, I pressed the caps lock key and the light didn't come on.

So could it be the battery?