Dark Rock Pro/Advanced


I think these additions to the cpu cooler options could be real good.

The Dark Rock Pro and Dark Rock Advanced. beastly silent cpu coolers that does a good job. i think it really does deserve its title in "Be Quiet!" :yes:

They are quite the the gigantic cpu coolers but the undercard Advanced is a bit smaller then its bigger brother Pro. Had a look at the Pro from a friends Rig and its hefty indeed so cases with side panel fans could be a problem though.

They are just about the same price as the Titan but the Pro is the extra bit in zennies.

Dark Rock Pro:

little brother of the Pro, Dark Rock Advanced:
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Indeed these coolers are excellent and reviews out there indicate that they are quiet silent too (always a matter to consider with coolers in my opinion).
It would be nice to see them as options in PCS, especially with the Fenvir not fitting the new Sandy Bridge boards... from what I have read, these coolers fit nicely.

On the other hand, sandy bridge doesnt really require a high-end dedicated cooler... so I guess it's all down to PCS.


very true, its where the the dark rock advance comes in as its smaller than its bigger brother. honestly i dont think they are over extreme, its worth the experience with these coolers :yes: