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DEFIANCE 15.6" Review - Brilliant... but I think I was a bit unlucky


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In terms of style I couldn't be happier. The design is sleek and solid, the keyboard lighting gives it that cutting edge feel, and the I didn't even realise it came with a fingerprint scanner. I have yet to push them to the limit but the speakers are very good and I can see the difference the high refresh rate of the 1080p screen makes. The microphone seems fine but nothing special, however I have only tested this with a few video calls so that might not be the most reliable assessment. I'm also satisfied with the number and placement of the various ports. This my first laptop with his kind of high performace spec, so I don't have a comparison in terms of the noise, but it seems reasonable depending on the teasks it's being asked to handle.

The only negative is likely a random occurance and bad luck on my part: the space bar is very, VERY squeeky. The keys also don't appear to come off completely which means I don't know how I can safely resolve it myself or add a lubricant. It's starting to drive me a bit crazy, in part because it's the only real flaw.


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