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Defiance V 17,3 FHD 144Hz G-Sync GTX 1070 I7 8750H Clevo PA71


Very happy about my new laptop, is truly a beast in games, the 144 Hz panel is really awesome compared to my ex laptop display 720p with 60hz...
-The display is absolute gorgeous compared to the ex 720p display from Asus, the view angles are very good no complain + thanks to the 30 days dead pixel guarantee there is no defect.
-17.3 and 1080p is definitely the best for a gaming laptop, wish i had this about 4 years ago when i bought my first entry gaming laptop with a gtx 850m and a i5 4200hq.
-The speakers are quite impressive for a laptop
-Can't see too much difference from the nvme compared to my ex SSD Samsung 860.
-GTX 1070 for 1080p maybe a little overkill but need those fps for the 144 hz display.
-The keyboard is very nice to touch and responsive and the lights look nice, would be nice if the RGB per key would be available to this model too just to show off for friends :D i personal use a mechanical RGB per key keyboard so the laptop keyboard is used only for office work/internet surfing.
-The Control Center application should have a option for CPU scaling frequency because of the heat problem which i will describe in the following lines.
My only concern now are the temps for GPU and CPU. After 1 hour of gaming with medium settings to get those fps in FPS(PUBG&Fortnite) the CPU had 85 C and GPU 71 C with the COOLER MASTER MASTERGEL, i know those are normal temps but the laptop was on a cooler pad , now i ordered a better cooling pad with 115 CFM aluminium chassis , hope those temps get down, otherwise is kinda bad but it would be cool to have the option in BIOS to undervoltage or set the frequency lower for the CPU to keep it a little cooler , in my opinion 3,6 GHz are enough for a good gameplay , as i said 85 C is normal for a thin laptop like this but i'm afraid that in time those temps will affect the laptops intern parts .
Overall the laptop is worth the money and great service from PC Specialist, i would definitely recommend them for good/best price per performance laptops. I will add images later after i get the new better and bigger cooling pad.
If there are any questions about any aspect of the laptop that you might be interested i will gladly respond to pm.


I've check the clock and it depends if i set the G-sync on/off . With G-sync on clock stays at 3.9 Ghz and temps are around 80-83 degree C on CPU and 71 on GPU,with fans at maximum and on a DeepCool N8 ultra cooling pad, but i have to mention that the room temperature is pretty hot around 27 degree C , but with G-sync off the CPU stay's at 3,3-3,4 Ghz with temps stays under 77 on CPU and maximum 66 on GPU with same cooling pad and room temperature. So far i tried a undervoltage with Throttlestop app, by reducing the voltage CPU with 125 mV, this keeps the CPU clock around 3,3-3,4 and the temps in 77-78 with G-sync on, but since then i started to get some problems with screen, like Black screen or like on the old TV the dizzy grey screen which can be fixed by restarting or put the laptop to sleep and wake it up. Now i got rid off Throttlestop and lowered the graphics in order to keep the temps at 80 and hope that those black screen won't appear anymore .


Good review. Have you already checked to see if there are options to undervolt? Either in the BIOS or in Clevo Control Centre?
Clevo Control Center only gives you the option to overclock/underclock the GPU which kinda sucks... and in BIOS you can overclock the memory, it would be very nice that the next models would come with more BIOS options for undervolt/underclock, because yea i got a beast of a laptop but i don't need it always at 100% with high temps, I'm cool with the laptop running at 80% with decent temps because even with 80% it still can run at 140 fps with medium graphics settings to use that 144 Hz display with G-sync.
And do the MSHybrid mode have G-sync on? because if i use that mode i get a pretty drastic fps reduce ... from 170 to 110 that's a lot ...from what i read on internet the MSHybrid should be auto mode for GPU but from my experience it just don't use the power of GPU so much... got same fps with same settings on a gtx 850m...


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AID64 report

Dear reviewer,

could you please post a hardware and benchmark report of AIDA64?
It would be quite interesting to see your temps and benchmark results.

Best regards,


Sorry SqueezeChar for not reply. Well i'm not a benchmark guy but i think those results will be as expected for this laptop , everything i thrown at it was easy for it.
PhantomR depends how you use the laptop, i turn off any battery save because i use it more as a PC replace because i travel a lot and this laptop is less heavy than a PC case alone. But the battery life with normal settings i mean out of box and watching videos and play music at 70-80% sound , the battery lasted for 1 hour and more, after 1 hour i remember it was around 30% with stock settings and brightness 80%.
Now i started to experience some random black screens... likes the display disconnects and i struggle with it by turning the power button into a display on/off button. Sometimes there are only those blacks screens and sometimes i get fuzzy buggy screen like on 90' TVs without signal.
I don't want to send it back to PC Spec because it would take 1 month to come back... and so far by talking with them they can't find a reason for my problem, but i discovered it is temperature related, when i use the outside temp to cool it down , got a small window which brings cold air from outside (winter with 0C here) the black and fuzzy screen appears very often, but the temp on the display chassis is 10 degree... and when i keep it in room temperature screen chassis is 27 degree Celsius and i get a very rare black screen which can be fixed by my quick "turn" on/off display method.


So you're saying you get black screens worse when the ambient temp is cooler? Tbh that sounds like coincidence or other factors are involved.

What have PC Specialist tech support had you try already?


Maybe ...i don't know i just try to minimize the frequency of black screens...
Their fix was a driver reinstall and if that's not working then send it back to them.. which I don't really want to ... because of the 1 month of missing laptop ...