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DS4 behaves wierd on desktop


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I've got the Elite controller and tbh it's "Just" ok, no better than the standard one. The extra four paddles on the bottom are just duplicates of other buttons (which can be setup any way you want). I was hoping that you have extra commands linked, instead of having to put up with a multi button input to do a simple task, such as A + Left stick up + right trigger + dance on one foot etc etc.

Tbh though since moving back to PC land I havent used the controller, happy with mouse and keyboard or joystick but neither setup has improved my gaming skills...


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I bought an XBox One controller. It behaves like the others, however, I noticed that if I set the FPS limit to 60 and enable v-sync then I have much better "grip" of the car. Previously, it was set to 245 and 250. My GPU is a GTX1060 6GB, my monitor is a 144Hz MSI Optix Mag241C. The ingame FPS is always the one that I set as maximum, because Rocket League is nothing for a 1060. :) I need to look into how to make the game to read input like it ran at 60 FPS, but still having the feel that it runs at 144.