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DS4 behaves wierd on desktop


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Unfortunately, no. When I was in the shop "Game" I hold the Elite controller in my hand and that felt pretty good, but thats overpriced and I read a lot of negative review about the same sliding issue. I have not tried the normal 360 controller, tho.

I wouldn't get the Elite either...someone I race with has a nightmare of a time with the braking. My only racing experience with the Xbox One controller, outside of using an Xbox, is with Forza Horizon 4 and had zero issues with it....just literally connect the controller via Bluetooth and that was all that needed doing.


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I used the wired 360 controller to death, and when it passed away I upgraded to a Xbox One controller. Both are excellent. And yeah, the Elite one is overpriced, even though I do like some of the features it has.

You could always get a cheap third party Xbox controller for about £20 just to see if the shape of it works for you and then go for the proper one...


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I've got the Elite controller and tbh it's "Just" ok, no better than the standard one. The extra four paddles on the bottom are just duplicates of other buttons (which can be setup any way you want). I was hoping that you have extra commands linked, instead of having to put up with a multi button input to do a simple task, such as A + Left stick up + right trigger + dance on one foot etc etc.

Tbh though since moving back to PC land I havent used the controller, happy with mouse and keyboard or joystick but neither setup has improved my gaming skills...


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I bought an XBox One controller. It behaves like the others, however, I noticed that if I set the FPS limit to 60 and enable v-sync then I have much better "grip" of the car. Previously, it was set to 245 and 250. My GPU is a GTX1060 6GB, my monitor is a 144Hz MSI Optix Mag241C. The ingame FPS is always the one that I set as maximum, because Rocket League is nothing for a 1060. :) I need to look into how to make the game to read input like it ran at 60 FPS, but still having the feel that it runs at 144.


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Not surprised it's much better...running a game at 240fps on a 144Hz monitor is going to create stability issues as that monitor can't run that level of fps. I had the same with Forza Horizon 4, namely the game was running at 150fps whereas my monitor is a 75Hz monitor...at a certain point it just decided enough was enough and car control was gone as it was lagging badly.

Your monitor should run 144fps smoothly so just look for any setting close to that in game. It does all sound as if the issue was more game and output rather than controller though