Dynamic underclocking?


Plugged up my computer, everything is fine if not excellent. Quiet and fast. One query is that am not sure if amd cool nd quiet is on because my cpu seems to show like 0.8ghz then fluctuate to 3.2 on tasks. I never asked for this on,but i still like it. Also the ati 5770 stats are showing as core:157 and memory:300...any help is appreciated.


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...what's the problem?

i think the dynamic setting of the cpu mhz is usually done by the operating system.


There is no problem, i wanted to know if the graphics card is supposed to underclock,i knew the cpu could. Just a query


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Yep.. The ATI Cards Dynamically Underclock when not using any graphic intensive tasks to save power.
There is an option in the Catalyst Centre... Power Play ... If this is ticked the GPU dynamically clocks to meet the Graphic needs..
if not ticked it will remain at the Stock Clocks by default.

e.g my ATI HD 5650 remains at 100/150(core/memory) when not using any particular Graphical tasks but when playing Games/HD videos it clocks to 550/800 (stock clocks) or maybe even 450/800 (as per the graphical requirement)
When the movie/game is over they retreat back to 100/150.

Hope that helps.