Final Space has been [S]cancelled[/S] extended???


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So a bit of further news on this, Final Space is being dropped from Netflix as of 15th December, AFAIK it's the last place it's hosted and it was never given a physical DVD/Bluray release, I just don't know how things like this can come about, it feels an intentional cancel more than based on low views.

So get binging.

If you feel inclined, fans are hammering Netflix to bring it back on the suggested content page



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I forgot to post this, but Olan did start a kickstarter for a new animated short called "Godspeed" which is obviously off Goodspead, and fully intented to be a rip off, this is to get around the licensing issues that Warner Brothers are unwilling to bend to with the Final Space trademark.

It's been fully funded and will be going ahead although I don't know timelines or what studio is behind it if any.
I don't know why Warner are being so ridiculously difficult with it all, the fans are definitely out there, and worldwide as well, it's not as if it's only successful in the US.
Just going to repost this, I believe @steaky360 is already a backer of the original project, congrats sounds like it's possibly shipping in January. Sounds like everything is ready, they just need to burn the final thing to the DVD's before shipping.

But on this, news of Godspeed has hugely gained traction since the kickstarter ended, and along with all the hype for this Final Space final comic book.

Olan just posted a video saying that he's going to be opening another kickstarter to sort out logistics for more copies of Godspeed which I'm hugely grateful for as missed the original

This is the original kickstarter page which has a link to a main site (currently not listing anything for sale)

From what he's said, the second kickstarter should kick off possibly next week off the back of the release of the animation advert.


Yeah, I've not had any shipping notifications or anything as of yet regards the Final Space novel but still. If its January thats an ace way to start '24 :D

Wasn't aware Godspeed got more traction either! Good to hear!


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And the new kickstarter for the continued Godspeed series on BluRay is here, $50 for the series:

It's live for 20 days. They've been able to do a whole series because after the success of the initial kickstarter and the Final Space graphic novel, they got a lot of interest from private backers which enabled them to think about getting this whole series done.

It's pretty cool.

I have no doubt, with the global interest these projects have shown, I think Olan will get snapped up again by some studio or something, the guy is too much of an optimistic legend not to.

And is it just me or are the soundtracks to all his stuff absolutely incredible?????
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I wish I had a blueray player :D

Might pledge anyway... this problem seems solvable!
You can pick up a pc usb Blu-ray for not much chashola, then rip them to digital mkv files.

Wow, just checked and it's already over 60% funded overnight! Great news! The sum total they need to do the whole series is huge, unless they get a private firm offering some serious cash I don't think that's gonna be reached, but even if we could get like a mini series of 3 or 4 episodes, that would be an absolute winner.
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Anyone else receive their Gospeed Kickstarter survey for their T-Shirt / credits details?



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Just in case it’s of any interest, I just adore the music that’s on final space and Godspeed, the artist is called Andrew Goodwin. I’ve been clamouring for some vinyl releases of any of their music.

Now it turn out, there was a limited release of a 7” single of music on final space done for Comicon in 2018 I think. There were more produced than they’d planned and surplus stocks went to this guys site, he holds the license to sell official merch, and as it’s been officially discontinued, they can’t get licensing currently for any further merch. But he’s got plushies and other bits too. It’s definitely a legit site, have done a lot of research.

And there’s a limited edition pressing of the new Godspeed score on one side and the other with tracks Bowie plays, plus a Bowie plushie

These are shipped from the US so shipping costs are high.