Footballers Really Are Silly


Poor Yaya, for a measly 15 million USD a year the least they could do is shake his hand! Better get him a bouncy castle and some balloons too.

And the agents that feed this nonsense are even worse...


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Not only did I not get a handshake from the boss on my birthday, but I had to PROVIDE the cake, not get one!
It's on my contract.I am entitle to a cheesecake and hug on my birthday.


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I read that earlier, I think he is just upset his mate got a Bugatti for his birthday and he didn't.

If I were getting paid footballers wages for playing my favourite game I'd probably shut up and get on with it in case someone rumbled me. I certainly wouldn't be crying about not getting a cake. I guess the more you get the more you want.


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a "handshake" eh?

Ok, took the thread in a bad direction...

Back on track: I am definitely getting a cake/hug clause added to my contract! Does it say who hugs you, because that can either sweeten or sully the deal :D


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If it were up to me I'd definitely give you one.

No that's just your mind again, nothing I said implied that at all....