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Galaxy S6 without removable battery and SD card?


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Will you buy a Samsung Galaxy phone without removable battery and SD card? With such a big awesome screen, lack of battery life is going to be frustrated, but the biggest problem is when the original battery loses its capacity, you can’t swap a new battery yourself. To be honest, I have a happy time with my Note 2 mpj spare batteries. The metal case does feel nice, but Galaxy S6 is not the only phone with metal case, at least this time I will be looking at Galaxy’s competitors a lot more closely than before.


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I have just bought it dude, I do not care I am in love. I will strap a generator to my back if the battery dies.


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I'm in for an upgrade in few months.... and I'm well impressed. Samsung finally made a good product, it feels nice, it looks nice and it seemingly works nice. This is the first time I am tempted by Android based solution (in past few years). Was looking at Xperia latest handset and possibly even Ubuntu phone. Still undecided ^^

My current iPhone 4 is screaming for an upgrade, it's been like +4 years overdue really ^^ I may still go with iPhone 5. It's all down to my phone company and the best monthly price I can get.

Now then, lack of replaceable battery is not really an issue for me. Usually built-in batteries last easily 3-5 years. This is more than enough. Lack of SD, well.. I don't know why would I ever want to expand storage in my phone?! In days of cloud based storage, Plex media servers and Spotify... storing stuff locally in your phone is like the most dumb way of organizing your content!

A new phone need to work well and I'm happy Samsung finally get act together and instead of fitting every possible feature to their phones... they took a step back and made something that just works and is nice to look at. I still have nightmares of owning S2 as a company phone, yuck!


Storage can be achieved by looking on ebay and getting a micro usb to usb adapter, then you can put movies, music etc onto a flash drive and plug it straight into your phone.