Game Crashes


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Not sure whether its the PC or the game itself I get into a game and within around 30 mins of playing my game suddenly freezes and the sound goes really loud and just makes one sound or the PC would say "your PC ran into an error. Please wait while we restart it for you :("
and it minimizes its self in the bottom left corner and the image is some what distorted. Ive been having crashing issues since I got the computer I was told to get an SSD which I did this didn't do anything towards the crashing but improved speed and perfomance by a lot.


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While an SSD is a great thing to have, running games off an HDD won't have been the cause of the crashing.

Is this a system bought from / made by PC Specialist?

If so, what is the full spec?

What game(s) does this happen in?

Have you used something like Realtemp or HWinfo to monitor the CPU and GPU temperatures - when the PC is a) idle b) running a game and c) when it freezes up? Obviously you won't be able to look at the software when the PC is frozen but you can tell monitoring software to log the temperatures to a file, which you can then look at when the PC has restarted.