General 4K Queries


Currently my PC time is 85% gaming and 15% watching YouTube type videos, M/S Office, internet browsing, storing photos etc. Shortly I hope to get a new PC which will allow me to play games at 4K. Key elements of the new PC are: Intel i7-14700k, RTX 4080, Asus ROG STRIX Z790-F Motherboard, Corsair H100i CPU Cooling and 32GB RAM. I will be getting either an LG 27GR93U-B or Gigabyte M28U monitor.
Will I be able to use M/S Office or watch YouTube videos whilst in 4K resolution? My fear is the text and videos will be so small I won't be able to read it. Is it possible to change resolution on the monitor allowing me to do the 15% of non-gaming activities in say 1444p? Could I keep the monitor in 4K resolution and scale the text and videos? Similarly would the Windows desktop icons be incredibly small? I know a 32" monitor may be a better option but budget and space are limiting factors, plus having such a large screen only 18" to 2ft away from my nose wouldn't do my eyes any good.
Thoughts and comments welcome


Yes, you can set display scaling in your display settings to make elements of your display such as menus and icons bigger. Video will automatically be upscaled to fit the right resolution. This setting is specifically designed for situations like yours with unusually high DPI screens.

However, personally I'd question getting a 4K 28" display. You'd get so much more value for money from a really good 1440p display, and the performance would also be so much better for a given price of PC.