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Living in Greece, but not bring fully proficient in the language, we use Google Translate a lot for reading online news and such. Sometimes the translations it comes up with are priceless.

Greece is about to be hit by a heat dome, they're forecasting 40C plus for us for the next few days (again), so the local online news is full of recommendations on how to keep cool.

I've just read this, via Google Translate...

Key recommendations are precaution through staying in air-conditioned areas, avoiding sun exposure, using a hat and elf.

Anyone know where I can get an elf?

Later Edit: I just asked my Greek neighbour and its not an elf it's light clothing. Close though.....
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The BSOD Doctor
Here's another...

The victim of the fraud is a 36-year-old man from Albania who lives in an area of the municipality of Phaistos and wanted to buy a wheelbarrow.

Everything seemed to be going well with the 36-year-old sending – as agreed – the amount of 4,800 euros in the euro.

it turns out it wasn't a wheelbarrow at all, but a caravan!