"Grey" Digital markets, think something is cheap? Educate yourself on the reality.


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We often get people moaning about the cost of a windows license on PCS or games and referencing the "cheap" alternatives on the internet.

Most of these sites are coined as "Grey" markets which is where the licenses are obtained by criminal means and resold on the cheap. It's bad business for the games market, and the end consumer will often have their license revoked if the purchase is found to be invalid with no recourse for getting your money back or a replacement key.

Be aware. Digital licenses cost money and rightfully so, the work on development and investment in platforms and distribution and marketing is huge, but most importantly, developers really deserve the money they get for keeping us so entertained.

A lot of people think a key off Amazon is legit just because it's on Amazon. Be aware, Amazon are Microsofts biggest competitor in the IT services space. They do not sell Windows, why would they promote their biggest competitor. Any keys on there are on the Marketplace which is exactly the same as eBay or any other market place. Anyone can create a listing and there's very little moderation. Again, do your due diligence, check the listing, check the company, if it's too cheap, it's almost certainly not legal.

Grey markets cannot be shared on the forum.
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Wise advice. If it looks to good to be true then it is. As we approach Christmas we can expect an increase is these illegal markets so it's very much BUYER BEWARE.