gtx 460


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As far i know there a LOT versions of gtx 460 (specified gtx 460:p) and i dont know the exactly reason for that. Some have more clock to clock speeds and this things.
PCS sells PALIT sonic as far i know so here is my question... Is PALIT sonic enough to compete the other versions ?
Waiting ur opinions.


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Price Vs performance definately. There a load of factory overclocked units out there being sold at a premium.


I have a quick Q about the palit cards you use - what is their power consumption when loaded? The stats I found online implied around the 250W mark I think and was worried about having a big enough PSU


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This refers to the overclocked "Sonic Platinum" card, which we don't sell. It was also when running a specific GPU test program which pushes the card to it's limits, even more so than a game can achieve.

Also note, for peak power consumption a PSU can provide more than it's rater output, so for example for 1-2 seconds a 650W Corsair may be able to provide 720W, or even higher.