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Hard Drive Caddy/Enclosure


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Had a bit of a problem with a Western Digital HD I bought from here over a year ago now. I've had it kept aside for a long time and decided to finally install it.

Long story short, stiff cabling inside the case put too much pressure on the pins where you insert the power cable, bending the pins and breaking off the L-shaped plastic piece that they are underneath of. I had a much less stressful time switching out the CPU for the first time, lol.

I'm hoping to be able to get a caddy for the hard drive and alternatively use it as an external drive, since no matter what I do with the cabling, it's just not viable to use the hard drive in the PC now. It was suggested that straightening the pins and using a caddy may work.

Any advice on caddy's?

The Hard Drive is the 2TB Western Digital Black.