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Headset Delay Issue


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Hey everyone!

Been a wee while since I posted here but I hope you're all well! So a few months back I bought a Razer headset. I know they aren't up there with the ones that are usually recommended like Astro's lol but they do the job and I got them for a good price lol. However, plugged into my xbox 1 controller through an adaptor, there's a delay from when I say something to the other person hearing it. I'm talking 1-2 seconds but it's enough that my reply sometimes ends up talking over someone lol. Any ideas why I have this delay?

As always, any help is greatly appreciated!


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Is this with party chat or in-game chat? I don't know much about the issue, or the solution, but having a brief search on google brought up some other people having the same problems with party chat.

Have you did some troubleshooting to gauge that it's the setup you have and not a latency issue with the software? In other words, have you tried another headset that doesn't require any adaptors or etc? If you can narrow down what is causing the issue it will be easier to focus on whether it's the setup you have or a software/network issue from M$.