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Several recommendations for the best electric pressure washers

Pressure washers have emerged to save you from the painful duty of cleaning greasy surfaces or dirt on difficult-to-clean areas like your car mats. They not only save you time but also save energy and make your daily life much easier. If you have already decided to choose an electric-style washer over a gas one, this article containing the best power washer reviews in the category of electric style is for you. We have provided you with the necessary knowledge and a buying guide to ensure that you can choose
What is the best pressure washer - Top rated best pressure washer on the market for you. Let’s start.

1. Powerhouse International – Electric High Power

As the name Powerhouse suggests, this pressure washer is a high-performance machine, equipped with an electric motor of 3000 PSI and 2.2 GPM. This powerful pressure washer will help you handle any type of stains or hard-to-remove dirt. In addition, compared to the other electric washers, the Powerhouse engine is quiet, which makes this product comfortable for long-term use.

The design of this product is eye-catching, with a red-platinum frame and a four-wheel system mounting the whole body. This model weighs just 32 pounds, which means you can easily move it around the house.

The Powerhouse is user-friendly, with an extendable spray gun that enables you to reach messy corners, as well as one rotating brush and one soft-bristle brush. The rotating brush is very convenient for people who frequently use their patios. Moreover, it provides you with five quick-connect nozzles for different angles of spraying.


  • Highly portable with four caster wheels
  • Many accessories, such as two brushes

  • The soap module needs to be refilled often
  • The wheels are a bit difficult to use
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Best pressure washer on the market - Who make the best pressure washer

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2. SunJoe SPX3500

Compared to other electric pressure washers, the SunJoe has a slimmer design, though the actual weight is still over 46 pounds—much heavier than the Powerhouse model. Do not worry about the weight, though, as this product possesses a two-wheel system that assists in the movement of the whole machine. It features the classic SunJoe colour scheme of black and green.

Customers who live in big cities and have limited storage space love this product because of its upright design. Moreover, it is powerful, with a 13-amp electric induction motor of 3404 PSI and 1.48 GPM. It is actually less strong than the Powerhouse but still powerful enough to clean up around the yard.

Like the Powerhouse, the SunJoe provides users with five quick-connect nozzles, a deck and patio attachment, and a rotating patio brush. It has a 25-foot-long hose, while its soap tank is quite big, allowing for several uses without refilling.


  • Nice design for storage
  • Larger soap module

  • Though the upright design is good for storage, it may cause trouble during use; it may take time for you to get used to it
  • With 1.48 GPM (much less than the Powerhouse), this model is not for heavy-duty cleaning

3. Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer

K5 is a well-made model from Karcher, one of the top pressure washer brands on the market. It has a modern design featuring black and yellow colours. The machine is quite lightweight (only 32 pounds) and equipped with a two-wheel system. The product is portable and easy to handle.

In terms of power, the engine parameters are 2000 PSI at 2.4 GPM—a bit higher than the Powerhouse and much stronger than the SunJoe. This great motor enables the K5 to perform any kind of cleaning, from low to heavy. While overheating is a main concern with some washers, the K5 possess a water-cooling property, which means you can clean for longer periods of time.


The electric power washer is a popular choice owing to its convenience. We hope that this list of several Best pressure washer on the market choices above will be helpful for you.
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