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How to Post Your Specification to the Forum - Check this Spec

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When creating a forum post looking to discuss a PC spec there's a really simple way to post the spec in question here.

Click the 'Proceed Button' after making your component choices.


After passing through any other windows (i.e. telling you about the PSU or asking where you would like to install windows etc.) you will be shown a summary screen with your order. At the bottom of the system summary there is a button 'post to forums'


You'll get the full specification formatted for easy copy/pasting into a forum post, copy and paste the whole thing (whatever you leave out we will probably ask about). If you check towards the bottom of the page there is a link which is extremely handy as it goes back to your configuration - so don't forget to include that!


There are a few other hopefully obvious things to include also which help us out immensely;

  • 1) Your budget (you might not have a budget as such, but you will have an idea of the max you'd like to spend)
  • 2) What's the PC / Laptop for (gaming, workstation, heavy VM use, etc.) <-- as much detail as we can get here helps!
  • 3) What monitor will you be using (especially important for gaming) <-- there's no point in us suggesting a lower end graphics card if you have a 4K high refresh monitor!

We will undoubtedly ask you more questions along the way, but if you include all of the above in your first post it helps a lot and you'll get great engagement from all forum members.

PCS Admins/Mods - feel free to update/edit/delete as appropriate.
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