How troubleshooting works

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Just a little note for some people who may not understand the process of troubleshooting.

With any troubleshooting, the first thing you need to do is identify the problematic component, weather it's software or hardware.

The easiest way a lot of the time given how quick it is these days to do a clean install, is just to do that, once you're on a known base install with zero software loaded aside from benchmark tools required to stress components, then you can rule out software as a cause.

Then you stress each hardware component to try to trigger the issue while monitoring temps and frequencies via something like HWMonitor.

There are various programs that target specific components like CPU, GPU, SSD etc.

It's a process of elimination, it's not something you can leap into, you have to take it systematically step by step. Some issues show themselves really quickly and easily, others like motherboard or PSU issues can be a little more complex.

Hope that helps.
Not open for further replies.