I don't like blowing my own trumpet but...


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Hi everyone!

You or may not know that I'm currently at the University of Lincoln (which despite what you may have heard on the Inbetweeners is a fine establishment) studying Games Computing. I'm here because I need your help and feedback :) This is an early version of my first project, built using Game Maker 8 (They don't trust us with C# yet ;) ) To play the game you need to either install the plugin from the site by clicking "play now" Or you can download to play locally on your PC too.

Details below, please be honest in your feedback, muchly appreciated in advance!

Category: Arcade
File Size: 14MB (Need to edit the music to cut this down)
GM Version: GM8
Vista Compatible: yes
Changes Screen Resolution: no
Download Link: Colour Block Arena

A simple game where the objective is to paint as many blocks as you can before the time runs out,the winner is the player with the most blocks painted their colour when the time runs out.

You colour the blocks by shooting paint at them, you can change any colour block into your colour, so just because you've painted something doesn't mean it's safe!

This is an early version of the game, showing only the multiplayer aspect of the game. Future versions will include:
More levels
More Power-Ups
Single-Player puzzle campaign
Improved GUI
Basically improved everything, the game mechanics are more or less there aside from a couple of physics issues but you get a good sense of how the final game is intended to behave.

Please post comments, good, bad or ugly. I don't care so long as it's constructive! And above all else, enjoy the game!




I watched that episode about the university of lincoln being ..lets put it this way..bad :D....will try the game when i have time.


At first glance I thought great! a game my half blown up nVidia 7950gx2 might handle... however, won't run without latest drivers :mad:, and since my PC won't boot with drivers installed ... haha

So you can now boast that it's too powerful for my 7950gx2... kinda :p

How do you like Games computing? I'm doing Computer Science at Heriot Watt in Edinburgh, but sadly we haven't had a games programming module yet, only made small games in java.

Haha, shame they don't let you amok with C#, half the fun of C is debugging it's error reporting and playing around with memory allocation, that being said C# is alot more tame and user friendly!!


You still got to make some games by the sound of things. I did CS at York and the closest we came to that was creating a Ferris Wheel using OpenGL. Due to my shoddy coding back then it needed a fairly beefy PC to run in anything but the smallest window.