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I have been looking at buying a laptop for about 2-3 weeks now and in that time you have changed one of the CPU's from a I7-3720QM to a I7-3740QM. The price doesn't seem to be that different (about £20) so what is the difference between the two.

I'm also unsure on what to get graphics card wise:

1x 7970M
1x GTX 680M
2x 7970M

I would probably get the single 7970M if the problems it has are fixed but i'm not sure how long that would be.

Also, how long does it take to actually reply to emails? I've been waiting 2 weeks(tomorrow) and the only email i've had back is an auto response email.

Iroquois Pliskin

The 3740 is the replacement of the 3720.
Correct, Intel is updating its whole mobile line by increasing base and Turbo clocks without any adverse effects. A i7-3740QM has 2700-3700 MHz frequency range, a 100 MHz higher than the i7-3720QM. The same is true of the i7-3610QM, which is being replaced by a i7-3630QM, though you probably won't see them anywhere till 3610QM stocks run out.

Jasonf89, is this the Vortex III Elite with dual graphics cards? I'd go with 2x 7970M against a single GTX 680M, seeing as they would fall into the same price range & there shouldn't be any Enduro issues with a CrossFire configuration.