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Hey people, been awhile since i've been on here as i'm starting my project back up to open a new social experience not just to PC gamers but console gamers aswell.

Getting fed up of dev's not making split screen games so i cant have the lads round and play like we used to so going to open a centre of gaming with consoles pc's and board/card games alike...

1 problem is i cant get a catchy name so i've started a poll and would be eternally greatful if people would vote and help us out.

Cheers guys.

P.S my PCSpecialist PC is still running epically.. Love you guys!!


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I like the ring to Hyper Games. Maybe avoid using Digital Dice though, may cause confusion.


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Hey party people. we've been getting some fantastic feedback on our survey, but still need more people to vote for us to use as a proper marketing tool, this will literally only take 20 seconds of your time please vote and help us out :) enjoy the rigs :)