Intel Core i7 6820HK not maintaining OC Frequency(Defiance III) | PCSPECIALIST

Intel Core i7 6820HK not maintaining OC Frequency(Defiance III)


Hello new to this thread and forum but I have a query about my 6820HK which doesn't like to maintain its OC frequency, BTW my laptop is a PC Specialist Defiance III( CLEVO P65_P67RSRP I believe). The problem with my 6820hk is it doesn't stick to the OC frequency and always jumps from 3.19ghz- 3.4ghz and then maybe to the set 3.8ghz OC frequency even when windows high performance mode is enabled(which is meant to stop Intel speed-step and stop it from down-clocking) but most times it just stays at 3.4ghz or less when its on load. It doesn't do this when on the normal 4 core boost of 3.19ghz, when using simple stress or benching methods such as CPU-Z bench/stress test and when just sitting at idle(at which point it runs 3.8ghz without jumping around when windows High Performance mode is enabled)

I know normal CPU down-clocking is good and saves power and lowers temps BUT when I do need the full performance such as when during productivity task or gaming it doesn't seem to maintain its OC frequency and I know its not thermal throttling as thermals are within low 70s and mid 80s during these times which is safe and if it was it will just simply down-clock itself to stock 3.19ghz without moving or changing back. Any advise on how to stop this behavior would be grateful thanks.

You can see the behavior in the attached video, Any recommendations or advise would be appreciated (my guess is maybe a bios setting or system update).