Irish immigration


The BSOD Doctor
Guinness also reminds me of a very old joke that still cracks me up......

An Irish guy goes into a bar in Ireland and order two pints of Guinness.

Although he's alone the barman figures his friend must be joining him soon so he pulls two pints.

The guy takes a sip out of the first Guinness, then a sip out of the second, and so on.

The barman spots this, comes over and says "Sir you don't have to do that. When you're down to about a quarter of your first pint just give me a nod and I'll get a fresh second one ready for you".

The guy says "No, it's not that. I served in the war and was badly wounded, dying in fact. A German soldier found me, dressed my wounds, gave me some water and waited with me until our medics arrived. We became firm friends, so now wherever I am I have a drink for him and wherever he is he has a drink for me".

The barman thinks that's the most wonderful thing he's heard and tells the guy he can come in for two pints whenever he likes, and so the guy becomes a regular at the bar, always drinking from two pints.

A few years go buy and one day the Irish guy comes into the bar and orders one pint.

The barman pulls his pint and wonders what he could say to comfort the man on the obvious loss of his German friend. He put the guys pint down and says "I'm very sorry to learn about the death of your German friend. You must be very sad".

"Oh no, he's fine" says the Irish guy, "I'm off the drink me self!"