Just found an old WoW Video I did...


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Was just looking around and found an old video I made (4 years ago judging by upload date)

Its basically me and my friend, we were both leveling rogues and were level 40 and decided to go hunting...

Essentially this started by complete chance. We were running through Stanglethorn Vale, those of you who play WoW will know this is well known for 'ganking' ie high levels killing low levels. So we were riding through on our new mounts and a level 60 priest attacked us by putting shadow word pain on me, we kept riding until the dot wore off (priest still chasing us) and we thought screw it, lets have a go, we stealthed and attacked her and killed her. We had been leveling and 2 manning instances the whole time so we had a pretty solid crowd control/ stun lock system together.

As a joke I said... well thats a 60 priest, now we need to get level 60's of other classes... and thus the video was born... We killed everything level 60 except for a druid (couldnt find one) as 2 level ~40 Rogues. We became well known on the server whereby we'd be camping the boat and people would be spamming AoE etc (with us in a 'safe' location where they wouldnt get us). and after being there for a short while we'd be getting multiple high levels turn up. The warrior at the end /no's us too which was very funny...;)

We even had a GM contact us about it saying how entertaining it was.

Anyway quality is pretty poor and my editing skills leave a lot to be desired but it has nostalgia value.