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Lafité Series laptop review


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Very pleased with my new Lafité laptop. It represents a useful compromise between size and portability - light enough to carry around but a large enough screen and keyboard to make using it everyday easy and pleasant. The fact that it also has several USB ports plus HDMI and DSD/MMC etc. is impressive for the size/weight. Some others have commented on the quality of the 'aluminium' casing but I can't say that its something particularly noticeable in comparison with similar laptops from the high street. The sound quality and volume could be better (speakers only underneath the base) but this could be remedied by external speakers or headphones.


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Thanks for the review. 2 questions: Is the black square on the trackpad a finger print sensor? Also, what's the fan noise like?


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I have looked at several laptops recently in a well known high street store and it appears to me even after calibration and brightness levels have been correctly adjusted possibly 40% appear to have 'washed out 'colours with very little contrast between the whites and blacks (its like the black ink is running out). I am not sure what this is would be due to ; LED back lights, matte ,Tn display etc..? how do you find the clarity of colours and sharpness of your Lafite ? I would greatly appreciate your comments before I purchase one.