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Laptop for Photo Editing


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Hello everyone! I used to be a very active member here about 8 years ago when I bought my first PC Specialist desktop. It’s still going fairly strong but I’ve stopped Gaming and my primary focus is photo editing with some light video editing too... and frankly my little i5-3570 can’t handle it very well anymore.

I’ve considered upgrading my old desktop but I feel like it might be time for a fresh start and I’m swaying more towards a laptop this time around for the portability aspect. Not so much for hipster coffee shop visits, but more for around the house as I have a toddler now and don’t get a lot of time at my desk!

Im pretty certain I want an i7-10th gen, 16gb RAM and 512GB SSD. Dedicated graphics are a bonus and I’d like to spend less than £1000. My question is I have no idea about the different chassis models, the information is pretty vague. Does anyone know which model is likely to come with the most colour accurate panel? I’m looking around the 14 inch size but would probably stretch to a 15.6 if worth it.

For comparison, my prime candidate before this was the Dell XPS range (or even the high end Inspiron 7000 models) but I feel like I’d definitely be paying extra for the fact it’s Dell and I’ve heard they struggle with poor quality control.

Ive looked at the pre-ensembled models and this one seems to fit the bill perfectly but I dont know if it’ll do for the type of work I do or if there are better options that aren’t in the prebuilt range.

Thanks in advance!
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